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The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to send Christmas cards and holiday promotions to your valued customers. Here’s some tips and tricks we used for our holiday card year, complete with pictures:

1. Make the card meaningful.

For our Christmas card, we did a photo shoot with all of our employees at both locations. We used props to make it fun. Now our clients have a chance to see the inside of our company, and put names to faces of people they’ve spoken to over the years. There are many ways to make the card meaningful, and they don’t have to be silly, like ours. Just make sure you put some thought into what your customers might want.

2. Personalize the card.

We’ve said it before: personalization is key in direct mail, and Christmas cards are no different. On our holiday card, we used Variable Data Printing to put each client’s name inside the card itself.

3. Make your card unique.

People get significantly more direct mail at Christmas than any other season. Your card has to stand out from the crowd. In our case, we made our card three panels instead of two, and we had bright colors and pictures. Make sure yours doesn’t look like a stock card from a grocery store.

By: Chase Kirkwood