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Web-based tools simplify your sales and marketing in tumultuous times

When your company grows by acquisition, your IT group is often flooded with projects around infrastructure and integrating legacy software. Little to no attention is paid to the technology needs of the sales and marketing for your growing company. At the same time, your CEO, CMO and CFO are telling you to update materials with newly acquired brands, distribute them to your expanded enterprise and communicate more with customers. Your workload just exploded!

Acquisitions mean new brands, new locations, and new markets coming into your world. The work can seem overwhelming if you don’t have the tools to lean on to make you battle-ready for anything an acquisition can throw your way. Sales teams don’t wait around until the acquisition dust settles. You need to keep them armed with the latest information and keep them driving revenue.

Your greatest ally is technology. With a web-to-print storefront platform you can manage spikes and massive changes in your marketing workflow without changing your resource needs. Let us count the ways…

3 Reasons Web-To-Print Systems Will Change Your Life

1) Do More With Less: When your boss says the company just added 10 new locations and 5 new brands, your web-to-print tool is there to shoulder the extra work without adding staff. Change the copy on your entire marketing campaign in a few minute with one person. Web-to-print platforms let you scale your business without scaling your overhead or losing your mind.

2) Easy to Use: Web-To-Print systems make your life easier. WAY easier. These tools create a centralized hub to access all of your marketing materials, from anywhere on the planet. Direct your entire company, or a select portion, to the website portal to access the right information for their needs, without a million more emails. An elegant interface makes it even easier to find sales and marketing materials and get projects moving quickly.

3) Know What Is Working: Pull usage reports from your web-to-print tool and overlap projects to your conversion rates. See what is working in each of your markets. Make changes immediately based on real-time data. Your web-to-print tool makes big changes simple, getting you back in market in a flash with new marketing pieces. Prepare for change and embrace its benefits.

You are now battle-ready to make an acquisition an exciting time. You are prepared with the technology to make you shine during this time of great change. Lean on your web-to-print systems and make them work hard for you.

By: Dayna Neumann, Consultant