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Integrated Marketing Communications

Multi-channel marketing and integrated marketing communications are (almost) synonyms for a greater theme: create a marketing plan that has a unified, consistent brand message using big data. In today’s world, potential customers have to hear about a product from multiple sources, because people are surrounded by thousands of messages. They need to hear a consistent message to increase interest and brand recall. Integrated marketing communications has become such a necessity that Northwestern University’s Medill College of Journalism pioneered the Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s Degree. The students in this program produce the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, which is worth reading.

United Mail has transformed from a typical mail house to a multi-channel marketing provider. We make it easy to create a unified message and appeal to customers on all sides. Here is our recommended strategy:

  1. Create a unique direct mail marketing piece that offers something free to customers.
  2. Utilize intelligent direct mail profiling to make sure that you have the most targeted mailing list possible.
  3. Include a Personalized URL, or PURL on the direct mail piece
  4. Include a QR code or NFC piece on direct mail that leads to meaningful content.
  5. Use variable data printing to personalize every direct mail piece with their name, PURL, and QR code.
  6. Use the digital storefront (also know as web-to-print) to repeat and create new campaigns, saving time and eliminating mistakes across all of your locations.
  7. Use the electronic document management system to have the letters you sent your customers easily accessible to your customer service agents when they display interest in your product.
  8. Use United Connect to include virtual phone numbers on your different direct mail pieces and other advertisements, so you know which ones got a response.
  9. Track your responses from United Connect and PURLs using a personalized dashboard.

By: Chase Kirkwood, President