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Let’s start with a quick definition: variable mapping print uses geo-location software to pinpoint your customer’s address and generate a customized map from there to a location you choose. The obvious choice is your store, but you could also use variable mapping to direct customers to an event or other location.

This technology can be a powerful way to bring new customers to you (or remind previous customers that you’re still there).

Here are a few scenarios in which variable mapping print can help bring you more business:

1. New Neighbor Packages

Customers who move into your market territory will need to start new relationships with local businesses. Make sure one of the businesses they choose is yours with a new neighbor campaign. You can send a welcome message to families who are new to your area, complete with a map from their door to yours.

Any time you can save your customer some time, you’ll create a favorable impression. Saving them the trouble of entering an address into Google Maps is a great way to bring them to your door instead of your competitor’s.

2. Customer Appreciation Events

Planning an event to say “thank you” to your previous and existing customers? If you’re a B2B business, this might mean an off-site venue that some of your customers won’t be familiar with.

Using the combined power of variable data and variable mapping, you can send your customers a package that includes information from their purchase history, an appreciation letter/discount, and a map from their home to the event.

3. Opening A New Branch Closer To Home

Are you opening a new location in town? Using variable mapping, you can select the customers closest to the new branch and send them a map that shows how close (and convenient) you are to them now. This is a great way to encourage previous customers to come back to you, and to entice new customers that want to do business close to home.

Incorporating variable mapping into your direct mail campaigns can make a huge difference in your open rate, response rate, and overall ROI. Go beyond first-name personalization and see what a colorful, door-to-door map can do for your next campaign.

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