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How to Tie Digital Banner Ads Together with Your Direct Mail Campaign

It might seem sometimes that direct mail and digital channels live in different silos. But these channels are merging closer together all the time – and connecting them properly can create a powerful, cohesive branding image across all of your messaging.

But there’s one area of digital marketing that you may not think of when connecting your direct mail to other channel promotions: digital banner ads.

The IP Address: A Target for Your Banner Ad Campaign

Before we get into tying your digital banners to your direct mail campaigns, let’s talk a little about how the most effective digital ads work.

It all starts with your customer’s IP address – the unique address of their computer on the wider online network. Using the IP address, you can display your ad only to people in your targeted list. These can be prospects whose IPs you have collected from email signups or web forms, or current or previous customers.

Targeting your digital ads this way ensures that you’re not wasting ad dollars on banners shown to consumers who aren’t in your target market and aren’t likely to buy from you.

Using IP Addresses to Enhance Direct Mail/Digital Banner Ad Integration

Now back to your direct mail campaign. Let’s say you’ve got a new direct mail push coming up. How do you increase the chances that your prospects will read the piece instead of tossing it?

One effective method is to use the IP addresses of your direct mail list to display related banner ads to your customers a few days ahead of your mailing. Use the same look and feel in your banner ad and direct mail design, and that mail piece is likely to stand out for the customer.

Another great thing about IP targeting is that you can keep your brand top of mind for your customers year-round – not just when you’re delivering a direct mail campaign. Your digital banner ads, with your company’s distinctive graphics and style, reinforce brand awareness. This can make customers more receptive to all of your marketing efforts and smooth the way for your next direct mail push.

Are you using digital banner ads to support your direct mail campaigns? Now’s a great time to try it – and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. Contact United Mail today to learn more about this marketing service.