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Small business marketing is a delicate balancing act: when you lack the enormous marketing budgets that large corporations have, it is essential that every promotional dollar counts. What is needed is a marketing approach that has a proven track record of increasing the bottom line, for companies across the board. Direct mail has been delivering such results for decades, and continues to be a cost-effective way to grow businesses in the twenty-first century. Read below to learn the many ways that direct mail can work for your small business.

Direct Mail Allows You to Target Your Message

When every marketing dollar counts, every mailing recipient counts. A generic mailing list purchased from “Addresses R Us” will not get the job done. In order to get the biggest bang for your small business marketing buck, each mailing needs to be targeted to your ideal consumer. Direct mail offers countless targeting capabilities. When you promote your small business using direct mail, you are able to target your recipients by age, income, neighborhood, household size, and many other factors. You can even utilize the latest direct mail technology to take that targeting a step further. For example, when you add variable mapping to your mail piece, you can show your targeted recipients the fastest route to your business. Such creative direct mail solutions allow you to turn your targeted recipients into actual customers for your small business.

Direct Mail Allows You to Add a Personal Touch

For many people, one of the biggest advantages of working with small businesses is that it allows for a more personal connection. Employees of a small business know their clients on a first name basis, and ties between the business and its community run deep. Direct mail allows you to personalize your message, so that this important connection is visible in your marketing efforts. Variable printing allows you to address your message to specific individuals, so you don’t have to fall back on blanket greetings like “Dear Resident.” By choosing the right font, you can capture your unique signature, or print a letter that appears handwritten. Color printing allows you to add a photograph of your business or employees, as well as any other image that best captures the spirit of your company.

Direct Mail Is Innovative and Eye-Catching

Innovative marketing is just as important to small businesses as it is to large corporations, both in terms of grabbing people’s attention, and letting them know that your business is on the cutting-edge. Direct mail has seen no shortage of innovations in the past few years. Advances like Augmented Reality (AR) and Quick Read (QR) codes bridge the gap between digital technology and direct mail, displaying additional creative content or helpful links when recipients view the mail piece through their smartphones. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, takes these advances one step further, allowing mail recipients to interact with the mail piece via their smartphones, without having to download any additional applications. This is the perfect way to let people know that your small business means big business.

Here at United Mail, we provide all of the services mentioned above, and we would be happy to help your small business use them to the fullest advantage. If you would like to know more about these or any other services that we provide, give us a call at 866-542-2107, or contact us today.

By Brandon Wuske