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Imagine this scenario…

You run into two separate colleagues at an industry event. You chat for a few minutes with each, then go your separate ways. A year later, you run into the same two colleagues at another event. Mary remembers your name and that you have a kid in high school, and asks how you’re settling in a year after you got promoted.

Running into Joe is like meeting a stranger again.

Which one will leave a more positive impression with you? If both sent you a marketing message, which would you be more receptive to?

Variable Data Print: Meeting a Colleague vs Meeting a Stranger

Much of the information you gather about your customers can work in the same way. Think about it: If you receive two direct mail pieces, which are you more likely to read – the one addressed to you by name, or the one addressed to “Current Resident”?

Variable data goes a lot further than just addresses, of course. But the principle holds: customers are far more likely to respond to messaging that feels personal to them, rather than generic messaging blasted out to everyone in their city.

And here’s where that comfort factor comes in: People want to do business with people and companies they know and trust. Variable data personalizes their experience with you and your marketing message, creating a feeling that you know them.

Beyond *FIRSTNAME*: Using Variable Data to Customize Imaging

Creating that feeling of trust takes more than just putting the customer’s name and a few details on a printed mail piece. Variable data can do so much more. You can use different triggers to customize your campaign’s images, colors, and backgrounds to appeal on a more personal level to each customer.

One example is to send a birthday message to every customer. An even more powerful example is sending an individualized coupon based on the length of time a customer has been with you, or based on their purchase history.

Using variable data printing (VDP) to address a customer by name is a great first start. But this technology can do much more for you – especially if you use your creativity to come up with other ways to use the data you have on your customers to deliver highly personalized and relevant messages to them.

Let’s Talk Variable Data Printing

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