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Save Time, Money, and Lives

Most medical insurance companies communicate with their members when there’s a need for a notification—such as during open enrollment or when there’s a change in their plans. However, due to lack of necessary technology and concerns around keeping patient data secure, insurers are losing out on opportunities to proactively reach their members. These missed connections are costing them time and money as well as sabotaging their very mission: to help more people get the medical care they need.

Smarter Marketing, Less Heavy Lifting

Put the information you already have about your members to work for you. Take your marketing efforts from good to great by giving one or more of these innovations a try.

  1. IP Targeting: You’re promoting a wellness program to your members and have sent a direct mailer to their home. Now, imagine being able to reinforce that messaging by displaying the same information in banner ads members of their household see online. You might be the reason they remember to get their steps in that day.
  2. Personalized URLs (PURL): Want to know how you can do better? Send your customers a direct mail piece with a PURL such as “” Then, have them fill out a survey to give you individual information, including their email for follow up newsletters.
  3. Augmented Reality: Here’s where you can get creative. Integrate augmented reality into your next direct mail campaign. Give your customers an experience they won’t forget. Have them take a virtual tour of a newly renovated facility near them or encourage them to head outside for a scavenger hunt and walk. You’ll increase engagement, generate new leads, track real-time results and stay top of mind with your customers.
  4. List profiling: Profile and model your lists to make your marketing campaign more targeted and increase response rates. Understand what makes your customers unique on a key activity, such as getting their flu shot or coming in for their annual exam.
  5. List modeling: Use what you know about what’s working from your list profiles to determine which members are most likely to respond to your efforts.

Worry-Free Data Protection

Improve the efficiency of your marketing while protecting what’s most important to you—your members. Streamline your reporting and safeguard your data to enhance your compliance. United Mail’s E-Doc Management system allows you to customize your report scheduling, distribution, and user access levels. Best of all, United Mail is an ISO 9001:2015 (quality), SOC 2 Type, and HITRUST (security) certified direct marketing company.


Request a call today to learn more about how innovations from United Mail can help improve the way you communicate with your members.