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At United Mail, we understand the headache and stress surrounding the successful management of important documents, like invoices, billing statements, and customer documents. We understand those concerns so well that we relish the opportunity to put your mind at ease. With United Mail’s unique billing and document management services, we will reliably monitor and store your most important data.

Electronic Billing

E-billing through United Mail affords you the opportunity to manage your transactions securely and precisely. With our modern IT resources, we offer the necessary security measures to ensure your most intimate and private financial documents are protected. What’s more is we can take your backlogged physical and digital billing files and integrate them into our secured system. In other words, we’ll take your legacy billing documents and convert them into our e-billing framework. After this conversion, you can more safely and more quickly access your old billing files to maximize your company’s efficiency. Separately, we conduct our e-billing service totally electronically, meaning you will ultimately save money on costs while leaving a considerably smaller carbon footprint.

As for some specific benefits attached to our electronic billing resources, you can more directly administer your payroll and confidential employee documents, like W-2 and 1099 forms. Additionally, through United Mail you can offer your customers the ability to pay for products and services online, target search and reporting tools, and maintain a single sign-on support.

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Statement and Invoice Processing

At United Mail, we adhere to ISO 9000 quality assurance methods to efficiently and safely distribute your billing statements and invoices. Consider this service the physical side of our e-billing resource. While it’s undeniable that digital billing is increasing in popularity with the progression of technology, tangible statement and invoice distribution will never fully go away. For this very reason, United Mail uniquely offers both kinds of services, both digital and physical.

Through processing and distributing your billing and invoice statements through United Mail, you can maintain your brand integrity with our customization opportunities. We can work directly with you in designing the invoice and billing statement template your company wants most. From there, we will process individually your hard copy statements through added verification and security standards.

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E-Document Management

With our specialized e-document management service, United Mail can allow your company to ultimately cut costs and streamline efficiency. E-document management will give your company immediate access to all of your clients documentation. Further, your company will have constant entry into billing statements, marketing resources, service requests, and any prior correspondence your company has maintained with a client. This feat is accomplished through our central electronic presentment database, which will dramatically reduce the time you spend on customer service queries.

We’ll compile all of your client data, even the legacy data that may appear difficult to gather, in our electronic filing cabinet. Once there, your client data will be easy to access yet entirely secure. After we’ve successfully integrated all of your files into our centralized e-document presentment database, your trusted company employees can securely view, email, fax, and print important client materials. This service maximizes your business’s efficiency by making client information and marketing materials that much easier for your company to utilize.

With these billing and document management services through United Mail, your company will save time and money. Without the hassle of locating hard-to-reach client information, your business can focus on what matters most.

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By: Michael Phillips