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In our second edition of the series, (checkout part one) we once again look back at individual instances where we’ve met our clients’ needs. Per our recent ISO 9001:2015 renewal, United Mail strives to deliver the highest quality customer assurance. With this blog post, we look to clarify how we have historically applied that certification real-world experiences.

PURL and Variable Data Printing

Recently, United Mail worked directly with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to extend its reach across 67,000 businesses in rural Ohio. The ISP had just been granted 66 million dollars to construct a fiber optic cable line, so they wanted to appeal to businesses within 1 mile of that line in order to maximize internet efficiency and to pay back their sizeable loan. In response, we worked with a Louisville profiling agency to learn necessary potential customer demographic information. Once we collected a list of prospective clients, we ran a direct mail and digital marketing campaign revolving around a Personalized URL (PURL) that documented a map of the recent fiber optic cable line and an internet location for more information. We then used our innovative Variable Data Printing to personalize each mail piece with a company’s PURL and the prospective company’s information. We finally allowed the ISP to monitor the campaign by providing them the profiling data we had collected, meaning they could access potential customers’ demographic material. With our help, the Ohio ISP met their goal of appealing to and working with rural clients along the 1,960 mile fiber optic cable line. Further, the sales team was able to secure potential clients they may otherwise not have secured because of our critical demographic information.

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Direct Mail and IP Marketing

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project in Louisville, KY is an independent non-profit devoted to eliminating preventable deaths due to colon cancer. The organization needed to extend its reach in order to procure more donations. After we met with them, we developed a strategy to satisfy their needs. We employed a blended marketing campaign, utilizing both direct mail and IP marketing. Our IP marketing rate reached 44% through our use of compelling banner ads, which matched the appearance of the mail pieces we distributed. The 44% that we reached through our multi-channel marketing campaign eventually donated 70% of the total contributions, meaning we not only provided a higher response rate but also we were able to reach donors who gave more.

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Electronic Billing

Apart from our marketing services, United Mail strives to maximize our clients’ efficiency. We had the pleasure of working with a nationally renowned specialty insurance company, insuring 1.7 million customers and employing a vast network of agents. The company noticed a trend in consumers preferring to receive their bills, statements, and policy updates electronically. Ultimately, they wanted to reduce their printing and mail costs while expediting their payment process. After originally thinking they could complete this project internally, they realized the project would take too long. What would have taken them 9-12 months took United Mail 3, and we resultantly saved the company 10 times the amount of money they would have spent. We developed their online customer portal effectively and efficiently. Finally, the company reported that 5% of their total customer base had opted into the self-serve electronic billing statements through the module we developed.

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Let’s Work Together

Whatever the project, United Mail can help. Request a call, and let’s get to work.

By: Michael Phillips