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Customer Service Survey Results, 2018

United Mail has a firm commitment to the highest quality customer service. In order to reach that desired customer service threshold, we actively seek out ways we can hold ourselves accountable. Recently, we distributed a 5-question survey to help us understand our own quality assurance performance better. This blog post summarizes the nature of the survey and analyzes its results.

The Customer Survey

We shared our survey primarily between the two areas where our branches are located: Kentucky and Ohio. In Kentucky, we collected 114 completed surveys, while in Ohio we managed to gather 79. Our tactic to incentivize previous clients to respond was an Appreciation Lottery reward system. In other words, we offered respondents the opportunity to win a $25 gift card to places like Amazon, Lowes, and Starbucks. The survey itself asked questions pertaining to customer satisfaction: Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Would you recommend our services to others? Do you intend to work with us in the future? How can we improve? And finally, why did you choose United Mail? Answers to these questions would provide us a necessary platform to recognize our strengths and to improve on our weaknesses.

Analyzing the Results

The answers we received from both regions were overwhelmingly positive. Over 94% of responders resoundingly claimed that United Mail satisfied customer expectations, that they would continue to do business with United Mail in the future, and that they would refer others to our services. Additionally, we learned from the results that clients are most likely to work with us because of our service. This means that customers felt our efficiency in handling projects is our most appealing trait as a company.

Finally, some clients, who will remain anonymous, provided supplemental praise. Here are some examples:

“I appreciate the way you work w/ us to meet our customer needs & reach them in a timely manner. You go out of your way to meet our needs.” — A Louisville client in the jewelry industry.

“Everything is great. Thanks to your United Mail employees: Janice Johns (Louisville KY) and Carrie Abner (Cinci, OH). Their customer service, hard-work and dedication is incredible. We greatly appreciate their help on all of our projects. Thanks!” — A Louisville client in the consulting industry.

Moving Forward

United Mail, per our recent ISO 9001:2015 certification, remains profoundly dedicated to working to achieve the highest quality customer service. With this recent exercise in accountability, where we asked external clients for their honest and direct feedback, we have been able to look internally and strategize the most effective plan moving forward. Our intra-departmental, internal audits help us make informed decisions regarding the future, which ultimately benefits our clients.

Gift Card Winners

Louisville: Emily C. and J. Michael H.
Cincinnati: Chelsea V. and Ines P.

By: Michael Phillips