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Understanding your customer base is critically important for any kind of marketing campaign. At first glance, this sentiment may seem tone-deaf and maybe a little condescending for industry professionals. But due to a recent study, less than 50% of the marketers surveyed claimed they confidently understood their customer base. Further, only a mere 40% felt capable of understanding their customers’ interests and needs. These statistics should alarm any marketing professional. In response, this blog post proposes a strategy to help marketers become better acquainted with their customers.

Compile a Current and Potential Client List

Profiling your customers is essential in direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. Failure to adequately characterize your customer base will result in ineffective marketing. Here, we suggest reaching out to industry leading partners to provide many different kinds of lists offering different information. The more information you have to work with, the better. United Mail can make these industry leading partners available to you, and we will also work with the data you’ve already compiled. Specifically, after we import your data into our Intelligent Profiling system, we’ll provide you a comprehensive report that analyzes customer behavior and trends. This investment in understanding your customers better will increase your ROI substantially.

Utilize IP Marketing

After you’ve gained insight into your potential and existing customer base, it’s time to make your digital and direct mail marketing as effective as possible. Though we’ve published different articles exploring multi-channel marketing and different ways to blend digital and direct mail marketing, this blog post focuses on the benefits of IP marketing. Once you have information about your customer base, you can sync a digital marketing effort with a direct mail campaign. What this means is you can have the opportunity to advertise your brand through banner ads, which will resonate or echo the material featured in your direct mail pieces. With this unique blend of digital and direct mail marketing, your response rates will increase by 30%-60%. This marketing strategy is just one example of the benefits to understanding your customer base better.

Track Mail and Analyze Responses

To conclude this strategy, we finally recommend you use the data collected through your tracked mail to best understand your customer demographics. Using innovative IMB barcode tracking, you can locate what specific elements of your direct mail campaign were successful and what areas of your marketing may need improvement. What’s more is you can use this sensitive information to alter your next direct mail and digital marketing campaign.

United Mail can help all along the way. Request a call today to understand your customer base better.

By: Michael Phillips