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Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is alive and thriving in 2018. In today’s technological climate, email promotions have a distinctively disingenuous, impersonal feel to them. I know when I open an email promotion, I begin to feel insignificant because I realize all too quickly that several hundreds, even thousands, of other people have been sent that exact same email. Concrete, tangible, direct mail responds to these largely insincere sentiments through the physical connection it makes with the recipient. Data released through a 2016 USPS report substantiate this claim decisively.

Direct Mail Statistics on Millennials

Shockingly, according to the report, 87% of millennials enjoy receiving direct mail. More importantly for business owners, 77% of millennials react to direct mail advertising. Though the study is limited to the experience and preferences of millennials, it still casts an optimistic light on the future of direct mail. This report from the USPS indicates that current and future business leaders will continue finding value and meaning from direct mail.

Reach Your Target Audience with Direct Mail

At United Mail, we strive to continue offering unique personalization services for both businesses and their customers. Our personalization efforts through our unique inkjet services ensures a higher customer response. Further, we blend analog and digital marketing strategies to guarantee your next direct mail campaign is a successful one. By helping you to infuse customer data including their purchase history, geographical location, and demographic information, we work to make your direct mail campaign effective and efficient. Our goal through these services is to help you leave a lasting, personal, genuine impression on your customer base.

Tracking Your Mail

We also utilize technological advancements to keep you in the loop on the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. Through our intelligent mail barcode system, we at United Mail innovatively offer you the ability to effectively track your direct mail. Specifically, we provide you the opportunity to monitor the rate at which your mail moves through the USPS, the certainty that your mail reached its intended recipient, the measured impact on the recipient, and the preparedness of your various service teams. Through necessary services like these that actually position the act of mailing in the 21st century, we enthusiastically and firmly believe direct mail is alive and well.

Let’s Talk Direct Mail Marketing

It’s never been a better time to invest in your brand through direct mail. United Mail will help you reach your desired customer audience through our unique mail and marketing services. For more information on making your next direct mail campaign personalized and successful, please visit our Direct Mail Services page or call us at 866-542-2107.