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Subject lines matter. In everyday correspondences with coworkers, friends, clients, and especially in digital marketing campaigns, subject lines give your recipient a preview of your central message. When you engage potential customers through an email promotion, it’s imperative that your subject line appropriately captures the core of your specific marketing materials. An unclear, unfocused subject line can be hugely harmful to your email marketing campaign, as 69% of email recipients report messages as spam based on their subject lines alone. In this blog post, we discuss what kinds of subject lines are successful and unsuccessful.

Subject Lines That Work

Stay focused. Probably the most important feature of successful subject lines is straightforwardness. Whenever you’re crafting your promotional materials, make sure your subject line is direct and pointed, so that your recipient is not surprised or confused by your message.

Are personalized. It’s proven that recipients react to messages that connect with them personally. United Mail stresses that incorporating potential client data into your marketing materials will make your marketing campaigns dramatically more successful and fruitful. Subject lines are no different. In your digital marketing campaigns, it’s your opportunity to preview your personalized connection with your potential customer.

Use the right punctuation. An exclamation point can add flavor and excitement to your subject line. At the same time, though, be careful: too many exclamation points can really turn off a recipient. What’s worse is that too many exclamation points, or using all capitalized letters in your subject line, can result in your email going directly to the recipient’s spam folder. Avoid this!

Celebrate the recipient. A tried and true subject line is one that celebrates upcoming holidays or major events with the recipient. Congratulate or compliment your potential client based on the unique data that United Mail can help you compile.

Subject Lines That Fail

Use vague or unclear language. Successful email promotions offer a coherent message in their subject lines. Email campaigns are usually unsuccessful when the subject line or title does not communicate a clear sentiment.

Stress the recipient out. Subject lines that scare or give the reader anxiety will not succeed. Alerting your recipient of a limited time offer through your marketing materials is fine, but when you cross the line into using aggressive, attacking language, your email campaign will fail.

Look like spam material. Again, it’s important that your subject lines use appropriate language and punctuation. When you use inappropriate punctuation, you run the risk of making your email marketing materials look like spam.

Subject lines, like email marketing campaigns, can be a difficult task for any business. At United Mail, we’re committed to helping you make your next digital marketing campaign an overwhelming success, and we’ll make it look easy while we do it. Give us a call, and let’s get to work.

By Michael Phillips