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Social media can help your next direct mail campaign achieve major success. Unsurprisingly, combining your digital marketing with your direct mail marketing can increase your response rates by 30-60%, and this figure can grow even more through the use of social media. We wrote an article recently that outlined the benefits of employing a multi-channel marketing campaign. Though there may seem like there’s a lot of crossover, this post will focus more on the intricacies of specifically blending social media and direct mail to match your campaign’s goals.

Strategize for Success

Before you work to blend a social media with direct mail, it’s first fundamentally important to consider your company’s goals. Do you want to build more consistent store traffic? Do you want to advertise a giveaway? A special deal? Though these questions might seem patronizing, they’re still an important step in the strategizing process to make your marketing campaign efficient and effective.

Ways to Blend Social Media and Direct Mail

Once you’ve decided how you’ll execute your campaign, it’s time to start thinking about how your social media will complement your direct mail marketing materials and vice versa. What this means is your social media marketing and your direct mail campaign can promote each other at the same time. Here are some examples:

  • Physical mail pieces can feature QR codes or augmented reality social media icons to motivate mail recipients to follow your social media accounts, building a larger customer base
  • Unique brand postcards can generate extraordinary response rates through social media sharing, providing the brand a potentially viral exposure
  • Social media marketing can build anticipation for a product release that can be supplemented by a direct mail campaign for the product after it has launched

Your Direct Marketing Campaign Through United Mail

These are only a couple of ways your company can maximize its success through a blended social media / direct mail marketing campaign. Social media in 2018 is practically ubiquitous. It’s everywhere, and it’s not leaving any time soon. At that same time, scrolling through advertisements on social media can become tiresome, insincere, and annoying. Blending direct mail with social media, however, adds a personal, physical, and human element to your marketing strategy. When your potential customers encounter your brand on social media, they’ll think much differently about your business if they’ve received a physical mail piece in tandem. United Mail will help you achieve this blended, multifaceted direct marketing campaign. Further, we’ll provide your company up-to-date data analytics, meaning your company will be able to monitor its success all along the way.

By: Michael Phillips