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Recently, United Mail renewed its commitment to quality assurance by achieving an ISO 9001:2015 Certification. As a company that consists of over 250 employees, it’s important for everyone to stay on the same page regarding company priorities. With this certification, these priorities reflect an unyielding devotion to quality.


In order for our company to receive this ISO 9001:2015 Certification, United Mail needed to instill in its company culture a level of accountability. Everyone makes mistakes. Learning from one’s own mistakes would result in a basic level of accountability, of holding oneself responsible. We extended this philosophy to an intra-departmental policy, though, and we have developed a company framework to hold everyone accountable. This means that we now have the unique opportunity of learning from another person’s mistakes. Our company-wide accountability system ensures our clients receive the highest quality service every time. Most importantly, we remain supportive of our teammates and our coworkers throughout this process to cultivate a collaborative, cooperative environment.

Productive Solutions

United Mail achieves this company culture of accountability and quality through planned intervals internal audits. We’ve trained 16 internal auditors to rotate between various departments and assess the effectiveness of our quality assurance program. This process allows us to locate existing problems and to diagnose potential problems, which then enables us to provide efficient and productive solutions. Further, these auditors have an additional opportunity to propose ways to improve different processes. These often outside perspectives lead to company growth and the development of a higher quality product for our clients.

Highest Quality Assurance

Finally, this certification displays how eager United Mail is to adapting in order to attain the highest quality assurance. Though our industry is constantly changing, what remains consistent is cultivating a bond with a client based on trust and quality. By holding ourselves accountable, by holding our peers accountable, and by adapting internally, we have achieved an ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

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By: Michael Phillips