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In 2016, 11.6% of the U.S. population moved somewhere. They may have stayed in their same neighborhood, in their same city, in their same county, or in their same state. They just as easily may have left altogether. When people move out of an area, businesses must adapt by replacing those customers and building a new customer base. For most places with significant job growth, the people moving out are rapidly substituted by those moving in. At United Mail, we suggest that businesses market their materials to new residents, because the benefits will include creating a stronger brand awareness for new customers and the opportunity to establish a thriving customer base.

Reaching New Movers

A direct mail campaign will certainly help lay the foundation for your brand and create a growing customer base. A report published last year proves direct mail marketing still receives a surprisingly higher response rate than digital marketing. United Mail can make your direct mail campaign successful through its innovative list profiling service, which compares data among prospective customers to guarantee a high response rate that will ultimately generate revenue for your company. Our Intelligent Profiling system produces valuable existing and potential customer information, which will prove critically important when your company decides to extend its marketing reach toward new residents.

For the Best Results

With this direct mail campaign for new residents in your community, you have the opportunity to advertise your brand in appealing ways. At United Mail, we offer your company the ability to blend physical mail marketing materials with cutting-edge digital marketing services. For example, you can nearly double your mail response rates by incorporating Personalized URLS, which can individually appeal to potential new customers and help spread your brand’s reach. Further, with the fact that most Americans prefer to receive a mail piece with the option to respond online, your company will have the unique option of closely tracking response rates and new customer retention statistics.

The Revolving Door

People moving out of your service area is simply a part of the business. But when this kind of window closes, a new one opens through the possibility of developing a new customer base. New residents in your business’s community need your attention, since they can ultimately help your business grow. United Mail can help you appeal to these new customers, and we look forward to making your direct mail campaign aimed toward new residents a successful one.

Let’s Work Together

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