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Often, our blog tends to focus on the intricacies of our industry and the ways United Mail’s services can navigate its challenges. In this post, we concentrate on how non-profit organizations can benefit through the use of direct mail marketing. To preface this post, we realize that at a superficial glance a direct mail marketing campaign may seem unfeasible for a non-profit company. It would make sense: postage rates continue to rise, and physical marketing materials aren’t getting any cheaper. Despite these realities, a well-planned direct mail campaign will help any non-profit organization’s marketing through its effectiveness in fundraising. We’ll explain why.

Tangibly Connect with your Potential Donors

Though it’s true that social media and digital marketing campaigns succeed in immediately raising attention to an organization or an issue, they aren’t nearly as efficient in securing donations. Since many non-profit organizations largely depend on fundraising campaigns, it makes sense that these marketing measures would appear supplemental or unnecessary, really. Direct mail, on the contrary, is drastically more effective in a fundraising context. Whereas potential donors can simply disregard a targeted social media post or delete an email, they must physically interact with a direct mail piece. According to a 2010 study, 61 percent of the participants chose to donate because of the direct mail marketing materials they engaged with. United Mail will ensure a similar rate of success through its integration of direct mail and digital marketing (Personalized URLS, IP Marketing, and Email Campaigns). The more compelling your analog and virtual marketing materials are, the more successful your fundraising will be.

Target the Right Donors at the Right Time

In the realm of fundraising, direct mail is king because of its ability to most appropriately target those most willing to donate. While television advertising and social media posts can draw on a larger audience, direct mail can hone in on the right donor at the right time. Specifically, United Mail works to make every fundraising campaign exceptional through our unique list profiling service. This means that we work with several different reports and compiled data through our Intelligent Profiling system to provide a comprehensive list of those with the highest probability of donating. Because we work with such extensively cross-referenced data, we ensure an impressive ROI.

Make Your Fundraising Personal

Finally, the key to success for any non-profit fundraising campaign lies in its overall appeal to a potential donor’s emotion. Through a rigorously strategized direct mail campaign, you have the unique opportunity of communicating your brand’s ethos in a compellingly designed manner. United Mail can help out in a big way here. After we’ve helped compile a list of potential donors, we can help you personalize your marketing materials via variable data printing. By customizing each particular mail piece in a fundraising campaign, you can foster a much more intimate, personal connection with the recipient. In personalizing your fundraising materials effectively, United Mail can help any non-profit fundraising campaign achieve its goals through direct mail.

By: Michael Phillips