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Traditionally, direct mail and online marketing have been seen as two separate marketing streams. Increasingly though, those two streams have been merging, and the results for advertisers have been spectacular. Direct mail can enhance your online marketing efforts, and vice-versa. Here at United Mail, we offer several services that combine online and offline marketing. Specifically, our IP targeting and PURL services are two effective ways to reach clients though print and digital channels.

IP Targeting

Every physical address has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. Online ads (such as banner ads) can be directed to an IP address the same way that print mail can be directed to physical addresses. Using the latest IP targeting technology, we can help you send direct mail to a physical address and digital ads to an IP address as part of the same marketing campaign. This allows your potential customers to receive banner ads about your company at the same time that they are receiving print ads. It should be noted that IP targeting does not use cookies, which can lead to heavy “bot” traffic. With IP targeting, you can be confident that you are reaching an actual household.

A combined print/digital campaign significantly increases the response rate over a standalone print or digital campaign. When people are exposed to your message through multiple channels, it becomes much more likely that the message sticks. When IP targeting is timed effectively to match direct mailings, the mail pieces make the online ads more familiar and more relevant, and vice-versa.

PURL Campaigns

PURLs (pronounced like “pearls”) are personalized URLs that can be included on a direct mail piece. When you include a PURL on your mailing, you are directing each recipient to a unique webpage, created just for them. These PURLs can serve two very helpful purposes. For one, you can track who accessed each webpage, to get an idea of response rate. You can also direct a customer to take action, whether that be registering for a service or signing up to receive a gift card. The latter instance allows you to combine direct mail, digital marketing, and fulfillment campaigns.

If you would like to know more about how you can get the most out of online and offline marketing, contact us or give us a call at 1-866-542-2107.

By: Brandon Wuske