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We have all seen posts about upcoming events on Facebook and other social media platforms. How often do we actually take the time to read these posts, as opposed to quickly glancing at them and moving on? As an event promoter, your challenge is to craft a message that cuts through all the digital “noise,” and gets people interested in your event. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a printed postcard. This article will focus on the many ways that a postcard will boost attendance at your next event.

Postcards Make a Lasting Impression

One of the main advantages that a postcard has over a digital post is that it has permanence. Postcards have permanence as an actual tangible item that people can hold on to, and they have permanence in the sense that they tend to make a more lasting impression in people’s memories. You can serve digital ads to thousands of people, but if no one actually remembers the event, the campaign will have failed.

Postcards Offer a More Personalized Approach to Event Promotion

Another advantage of using postcards for event promotion is that they add that personal touch that potential donors or attendees are looking for. Digital postings that are sent out to thousands of people with the click of a button simply do not make the same impact as a colorful, printed mail piece that is sent to the recipient’s physical address. You can compound this impact by sending out postcards in conjunction with a digital campaign. A recent survey found that 54 percent of respondents engaged in social media as a direct result of receiving mail pieces. By using multiple marketing channels, you can drive your message home even further.

A Special Note About Postage

If you do plan to use postcards to promote your next event, there is one thing you should keep in mind: postcards that have a maximum height of 4.25” and a maximum length of 6” qualify for discounted First Class rates. Remember these dimensions when designing your next postcard—it will save you big money on postage.

If you are considering a postcard campaign, we would be glad to help you with printing and mailing. To learn more about how we can help, contact us or give us a call at 866-542-2107.

BY: Brandon Wuske