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With the constantly changing technological climate, United Mail has prioritized data security. We have made a collective effort toward protecting our clients’ information and reorienting our company culture to consider first and foremost how we can adapt to industry security needs. Our combined effort has resulted in our HITRUST CSF Certification, which effectively proves that we are diligently committed to satisfying necessary regulations and securing private information.

This certification further validates that United Mail can successfully manage risk. What this means is that we employ an appropriate risk-based approach to the ways that we secure information. In the exceedingly small chance of a technological error, the HITRUST CSF Certification assures clients that we will quickly provide an effective solution.

In order for United Mail to receive this impressive certification, we needed to undergo an intense assessment process. This strenuous evaluation required us to consolidate our company culture to reflect a palpable willingness to ensure our clients that their information is safe with us. With our HITRUST CSF Certification now, we display to our industry partners and to state and federal regulators that private information security is both required and necessary, that security methods are actively employed, and that our management is firmly devoted to information protection.

United Mail has always remained committed to satisfying our clients’ needs. In our current technological moment, information protection has become increasingly important. With our HITRUST CSF Certification, we now convey a relentless and comprehensive drive to secure our clients’ data.

Finally, our President Chase Kirkwood had this to say: “Organizations, like ours, are under great pressure to meet complex compliance requirements that include technical and process elements such as HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO. The HITRUST CSF is the gold-standard that needs to be met, and United Mail is pleased to be able to demonstrate its commitment by achieving HITRUST CSF Certification.”

Press Release (PDF)

By Michael Phillips