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Your campaign is ready to go. The design is on point. The messaging is clear and informative with a call to action. The timeline ensures the mailing will be in homes with time to spare.

Your campaign calls for several repeat mailings to the same list to make sure your potential customer sees you and knows your company. Thus, this great campaign goes to the SAME list several times.

Have you checked exactly who is going to receive this mailing? Who’s on your list? Does that person you want to reach still live in the home you think he or she does?

Time to Clean Up Your Mailing List

If you haven’t reviewed or cleaned up your lists of recipients, you are shooting in the dark hoping for a return on investment.

This applies to every vertical of business. Healthcare, insurance and non-profits are a few industries where I have personally received fantastic mailings that were not intended for ME.

Companies waste precious dollars to get their fantastic message to the WRONG HOME. The buck literally stops at the wrong house.

There are several methods used to make sure data is accurate before the mailing is sent to homes. National Change of Address, NCOA, is one of the ways to ensure your company tracks individuals who have filed a change of address with USPS.

Data changes daily. Residents in homes along with income levels, education levels and interests or hobbies can all be tracked, monitored and followed to make sure you are targeting who you choose to target. In addition, lists can be purchased to compare to your current database in order to acquire new business with “look-alike” candidates.

Your campaign starts with your DATA. The rest is in the mail.

By: Sarah Newell, Sales Executive