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Choosing the right kind of mail piece is vitally important for every successful direct mail marketing campaign. While there are several factors that contribute to an effective direct mail marketing strategy (like list profiling, mail piece tracking, and supplemental digital marketing measures), your design decisions on your promotional mail piece is still centrally significant. In this post, we focus on 3 different kinds of direct mail pieces that could drive your next successful marketing endeavor.


Postcards are probably the most compelling and concise way to deliver your marketing materials. With postcard materials, you have the creative freedom to marry a colorful, engaging design with engrossing promotional information. Additionally, this kind of mail piece is likely the most cost-effective, allowing you to spend the least amount of money while still driving an effective marketing message. Further, United Mail can help you personalize your individual postcards through our variable data printing options, which will help your marketing materials directly resonate with the recipient. Personalizing your postcards in this capacity will raise your response rates by 500%.


For a longer-form marketing approach, catalogs offer a unique opportunity for your brand to extensively communicate the products and services your company provides. In a report from 2018, more than 100.7 million customers made purchases from catalogs. This statistic proves that catalogs remain relevant and impactful in marketing strategies. While assembling a catalog of your business’s products might seem like an overwhelming task, United Mail can step in to help you design an effective marketing catalog, print them according to your vision, and distribute them through our on-site mailing facility.

3D and Tech-oriented Mailers

We recently wrote about how direct mail marketing campaigns can be successful without relying on predictable or commonly used mailers. While 3D mailers (like flash drives, tote bags, calendars, etc.) certainly will cost more to produce and distribute, they offer a unique experience for the recipient, who will be much more likely to support your brand. Further, United Mail can help you plan a direct mail marketing campaign that focuses on 3D mailers and / or augmented reality mail pieces. This innovative approach allows your recipient to engage with your mailer with their smart phone in a state-of-the-art experience.

Choosing the right kind of mailer is a difficult process. We understand the complexity of that decision, and we’re here to provide productive and practical marketing solutions. Request a call today, and let’s start planning your successful marketing strategy.