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Arguably more than any other industry, financial service providers rely on their reputation to secure business. As financial advisors develop marketing plans, it’s imperative that they consider how they will communicate their credibility. Though a little more than a decade has passed since the great recession, many Americans are wary of parting ways with their savings. A well-executed direct mail marketing campaign can pointedly convey a financial services company’s solid and secure reputation. In this post, we unpack the ways direct mail marketing can make a financial advisor’s next marketing campaign immensely successful.

Direct Mail Appeals to Younger Generations

Millennials are getting older, and they’re starting to consider what to invest in with their savings. What’s more is millennials actually respond better to direct mail marketing strategies than other marketing avenues. Because millennials are frequently inundated by information on their devices, they feel direct mail has a more personal, direct touch to it. This trend is hugely important for financial services providers, since millennials will only continue to drive business. For any kind of promotional campaign, direct mail is the right choice going forward.

Direct Mail Responds to Consumer Skepticism More Honestly

In our technological moment, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to discern fact from fiction. With 24-news cycles and corresponding social media accounts featuring less than credible market analysis, offering your recipient a direct mail piece will give them a much needed break. More directly, direct mail feels more authentic than these other marketing channels. For a financial services provider, this fact will be incredibly important when you develop your next marketing campaign. In an industry that relies on an honest expression of a financial services company’s credibility, the authenticity and realness of a direct mail piece will prove invaluable.

Direct Mail Offers Results Through Personalization

Financial services providers can take the positive effects of the physical touch of direct mail one step further with personalized variable data printing. This practice will extend your campaign’s effective reach to the right people, since it offers you the ability to change minor features in your design template like color palettes, addresses, and, most significantly, names. Further, this unique process will allow you to communicate your financial service’s secure reputation in a more intimate, human capacity. United Mail can couple this strategy with supplemental digital tactics that will boost your response rate, which will ultimately increase your ROI dramatically.

HITRUST CSF Certified Mail House

As a HITRUST CSF® and, SOC II Type 2 certified company, United Mail will help you with your next successful financial services direct mail campaign and keep your sensitive data protected at the same time. Request a call today, and let’s get started.

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By: Michael Phillips