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Direct mail marketing is becoming increasingly important for healthcare professionals. Having represented some of the largest regional and national healthcare providers, United Mail knows firsthand the power and influence a direct mail marketing campaign can have on a healthcare company’s growth. In this post, we share some of our successful tactics to make your next marketing preparation endeavor successful.

Collect and Employ Demographic Data

Effective planning makes for effective marketing. As you develop your next direct marketing campaign, it’s important to remember that 61-73% of prospective clients will respond to healthcare-oriented mail pieces over email. With this information in mind, you should be that much more incentivized to target the right people with your direct mail efforts. United Mail can help in this capacity: while you likely have some data compiled on your customer base (both existing and prospective), we can compare that information with mail list profiling that we collect independently. After you’ve prepared your mail campaign this comprehensively and holistically, your ROI will be dramatically higher.

Keep Your Message Consistent

This may seem obvious, but at the same time it’s critically important that you determine your central marketing message as you plan your healthcare marketing campaign. At this stage, you should seriously consider what you want your prospective, past, and/or existing clients to act on. The ultimate call to action that you provide your recipient will largely determine the length or size of your marketing materials. For example, if your company is looking to reconnect with former customers, it may be best to concisely deliver a message on a postcard. Separately, it would make more sense to go into much greater detail on your healthcare services and products in a pamphlet capacity if you’re introducing your business to a prospective customer for the first time. Whatever your goal, make sure the tone of your marketing message is consistent with your marketing objectives.

Blend Your Marketing Techniques

We’ve written previously about the benefits of blending digital and direct mail marketing strategies, and the case is no different in the healthcare industry. As you begin drafting and fine-tuning your marketing materials, you should make a conscious effort to make your online and offline promotional pieces complement each other. A recent study reported that response rates were 118% higher when direct mail and digital marketing pieces worked in conjunction. While a direct mail campaign can still be successful on its own, it’s largely considered best practice to couple it with digital marketing tactics.

United Mail will make your next healthcare marketing drive a success. As a HITRUST CSF® and, SOC II Type 2 certified company, we’re also here to make sure your sensitive data is secure while we ensure an effective ROI. Request a call today, and let’s strategize your next successful direct mail marketing campaign.

By: Michael Phillips