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One to One Messaging Yields ROI

Once you’ve checked that you’re data is going to the right mailbox, have you thought about your message to your customer?

In today’s world where we all receive roughly 3,000 marketing messages a day, how do you stand out?

You’ve got about three seconds to grab the interest of your customer. ONE. TWO. THREE. DONE. That was fast. In that time, the reader knows whether your letter is going into the kitchen or into the recycle bin.

Here’s the ultimate tip: Make your message for that specific person.

What does that mean? You want to use a 1:1 message specific only to your potential customer.

Consider adding the recipient’s name and using full color to increase your lift in response by as much as 135%.

And if you want to increase your chance on ROI further, add in database information (list profiling) based on his or her buying trends and behavior. Do you know that person’s hobbies? Interest? What has he or she bought recently? How well have you researched the people on your list? Factor those variables into your message and creative.

Speaking of variables, that’s how this 1:1 messaging happens. Variable data print allows United Mail to take your data collectively and print one mailing with each piece specially made for each recipient. UM will run the job as one project to ensure to gain the best postage discount available with the maximum volume possible.

Cut through the clutter and reach your next customer with a meaningful message today.

By: Sarah Newell, Sales Executive