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Many factors go into a successful marketing campaign, and United Mail believes security is one of the most important of them all. Making sure that client information stays safe in a digital age where companies go down every day, United Mail has proven its commitment to security through a series of qualifying assessments to retain HITRUST CSF certification and SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

Our expansive logistics network is more than adept at evolving along with the technology that secures private information. By obtaining these certifications, we solidify our dedication to safety and accountability. Awarded with HITRUST, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, United Mail uses only the most high-tech solutions of data security to assist healthcare, insurance, and financial service professionals. Specialized facilities keep the system easy for patrons, with all the details on their campaigns accessible any time through a real-time API feed.

Proving Our Dedication to Security

The evaluation for SOC 2 is strenuous to ensure that advanced I.T. service providers can handle numerous complicated campaigns. The governing agency created five “Trust Service Principles” to gauge a company’s effectiveness. Those guidelines include rating the overall security of the provider’s system, the accessibility of such applications, the method of gaining, using, and retaining sensitive information, general processing integrity, and confidentiality capabilities. United Mail excels in all of these categories so that our financial, insurance, and healthcare clients can get the best possible service.

HITRUST members prove themselves actively not only to state and federal authorities but to loyal clients as well. HITRUST recognizes United Mail’s framework as efficient, prescriptive, and fully capable. With the systems we have put in place to protect sensitive information, and with the approval of our CAPs (Corrective Action Plans), we locked down real ways to address problems in the system, should they come up.

Certified SOC 2 Type 2 printers receive approval for passing strenuous guidelines for organizational oversight, vendor management, risk management, and regulatory oversight. Our compliance with these regulations saves our clients from going through a variety of vetting processes when looking for partners and negates the risks of launching a new marketing campaign. Businesses who have auditors, regulators, and business partners that require strict documentation standards can only turn to companies that have received this type of certificate.

Regulatory oversight from government agencies means that SOC 2 Type 2 mail houses like ours adhere to all proper security measures involving processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. It also ensures that your materials are correctly integrated into the mail system, so you are left assured that your clients received the necessary mailers, saving you time and money.

High-Tech Security for All Clients

United Mail, along with a small group of elite HITRUST printers, received this award for our standards and practices which incorporate a risk-based approach that assures our clients that their campaigns are in safe and trustworthy hands. If an issue arises, we have the authority and capability to put a stop to the problem and correct it quickly.

After learning of our successful certification campaigns, President of United Mail, Chase Kirkwood, explained that “Organizations, like ours, are under great pressure to meet complex compliance requirements that include technical and process elements such as HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO. The HITRUST CSF is the gold-standard that needs to be met, and United Mail is pleased to be able to demonstrate its commitment by achieving HITRUST CSF Certification.”

While these certifications are absolutely necessary for financial service providers, healthcare professionals, and insurance agencies, HITRUST as an organization is working diligently to become the standard across all industries. United Mail works actively to ensure the sensitive information of all our clients remains protected. If you’re looking to get serious about safeguarding your delicate data, request a call today, and let’s start planning your next effective storage, printing, and mailing campaign.

By Michael Phillips