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Research is a part of every successful marketing decision. In order to understand how your company can best market your products or services, you need to be aware of the best current marketing practices. More specifically, you should consider the most appropriate channel to execute your marketing campaign. In this post, we report on and analyze three reasons that direct mail is the safest, most effective marketing decision in 2019.

1. Direct Mail Response Rates Soar

Direct mail has become a major marketing tool again. The ANA/DMA Response Rate Report 2018 declares that the response rates for direct mail from prospect lists had increased dramatically from 2017 to become a whopping 4.9%. This statistic proves that direct mail marketing materials will generate attention and elicit responses. Further, that same report states that response rates for house lists reached a monumental 9%, which has stunningly jumped to nearly double the rate it was in 2017. Again, these impressive statistics go further to suggest that direct mail will only continue to be a productive and fruitful marketing channel.

2. Direct Mail: The Not-So-Hidden Secret

While response rates for direct mail rose in 2018, so did the amount of times advertisers employed direct mail marketing. Again, the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report 2018 finds that direct mail has become the second most-used marketing vehicle, tied with social media. Considering how flooded we are by information in our technological moment, this statistic stands as a powerful testament to the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. Further, 81% of marketers according the report intend to use direct mail marketing strategies within the next 12 months. Not only has direct mail marketing become a more engaging advertising tool, more and more people are employing it for longer periods of time.

3. Who Reacts to Direct Mail Marketing

In order to understand fully the upswing in the effectiveness of direct mail marketing, look no further than the ways specific audiences respond to direct mail. In a recent Gallup report, 41% of people between the ages of 50-64 actively look forward to checking their mail every day. Similarly, 36% of millennials also reported enthusiasm in checking the mailbox. Finally, in a recent DMN study, an impressive 33% of surveyed millennials preferred receiving direct mail marketing materials over all other advertising channels. The next highest preference ranked in the study was in email marketing, which only 26% of respondents claimed to favor.

In 2019, direct mail marketing is quickly becoming the most effective strategy for companies trying to promote their brand and drive business. United Mail is intimately familiar with the strengths of direct mail, and as industry leaders, we will guarantee the highest possible ROI in your next marketing endeavor. Request a call today, and let’s start planning your next successful direct mail marketing campaign.

By: Michael Phillips