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While 2020 has certainly been a challenging year for all, it’s also a year for reflection. The difficulties of 2020 have also highlighted the many ways in which United Mail is incredibly fortunate. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better time to reflect on all of the many facets of United Mail that we are proud of and thankful for, while also appreciating the hard work and determination of our team, high calibur and professionalism of our clients, and the inclusivity and sense of cooperation in our communities.

Our United Mail Team

There has never been a better year to show the absolutely deserved appreciation for our United Mail family than 2020. We couldn’t be prouder of the outstanding work we have been able to accomplish together in spite of the hardships that this year has thrown our way. We are tremendously proud of how the United Mail family has risen to the challenge while maintaining the highest safety standards and demonstrating the mutual care, respect, and dedication that runs through the entire team.

Our Clients

Our clients are the reason we are able to continue striving for the best. Our clients are a pleasure to work with. They make it easy for all of us to want to rise to every challenge, meet and exceed every expectation, and push the envelope of innovation. Simply put, without our wonderful clients, we wouldn’t be here. Our valued clients make mutual trust, teamwork, and cooperation feel like second nature, and they make us excited and proud to strive for perfection and undertake all endeavors. In 2020 we welcomed new clients and we continued to work with many clients with whom we have enjoyed a long and successful partnership. Whether new or old, we are incredibly thankful for our clients and look forward to continuing to achieve together in the new year.

Our Progress

Even though we have been in business for four decades, each year still brings progress and change. This year United Mail was awarded the Best Workplace 2020 designation by Printing Industries of America. United Mail has also climbed the ranks of North America’s Top Printers in Printing Impressions coveted top 400 issue ‒ exceeding the previous year’s rankings. We have also initiated new goals for emissions and energy usage following a thorough assessment by the Kentucky Industrail Assessment Center, and we’re on target to reduce carbon emissions and be more efficient than ever. We are incredibly thankful, once again, to be able to continually grow, in spite of all challenges.

Our Communities

United Mail works with countless clients all over, and we are thankful to work with such a variety of clients in so many locations, but we want to make sure to specifically give thanks for our home bases in Louisville and Cincinnati. These communities have been incredibly conducive to our mission to continually innovate. The talent and character found in the people here in Louisville and Cincinnati is astounding, as is the sense of community we enjoy with our neighbors. 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year, but we are proud of how we have been able to work together with our communities to maximize safety and brave these unprecedented challenges together.