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United Mail has recently made another investment in the latest technology so that clients don’t need to compromise on their ideas for the sake of efficiency or cost. The new iJetColor NXT makes it possible to do new things for customers, all while increasing efficiency and quality control. With this new piece of hardware, your ideas can be brought to life like never before. With high production speeds, top-notch color and quality, and flexible feed, the iJetColor NXT represents the latest and greatest in printware for envelopes and direct mail. Read on to explore how at United Mail you can do more with an envelope.

The Specs on Paper

The iJetColor NXT comes with an impressive set of specs. Knowing the capabilities, performance, and construction of a machine is vital to understanding its potential. The output potential for this printer exceeds 6,000 per hour with a built-in top-load friction feeder. Material size can range from a minimum of as low as 3″ x 4-1/8″ to a maximum of as high as 10.5″ x 17″, with a material thickness height of up to 3/8″. The print area is up to 8.7″ x 17″ with 4 edge bleed printing. The color matrix boasts 16.8 million available colors, with a high ink capacity of 250 ml for cyan, yellow, and magenta, and capacity for two 250 ml black ink cartridges.

The Specs in Action

Understanding the technical specifications is an important part of understanding the power of this printer, but the way in which these specifications aid in top-notch printing tasks is where the real magic happens. With the iJetColor NXT, projects are now fast, flexible, and failproof.


In printing, speed is often the name of the game. With the iJetColor NXT we can now print full color and full bleed at a high output speed. Real-world capabilities for this machine in terms of speed allow us to print over 6,500 #10 envelops per hour, that’s more than twelve items per second, with 500 in- 500 out “walkaway reliability” and one-touch job preview and processing. What this means is that deadlines will never be easier to meet or beat. With such a high output speed, project timelines for high-color envelope printing can be shortened like never before.

No matter the project, the iJetColor NXT is capable of drastically increasing fulfillment speed in the envelope printing arena, which includes full color and full bleed projects. What this means is is that even the most complicated and high-ink projects which might have typically taken much longer in the past can be completed in a fraction of the time with the iJetColor NXT.

Job set up time is also reduced with one-touch job preview and processing from the control panel and touch display. With the integrated computer system, processing and set up time after establishing the project parameters are all but eliminated in this streamlined ecosystem. We’re now able to preview and print projects right at the machine, further increasing the overall speed of project delivery.


The iJetColor NXT is an incredibly versatile machine capable of completing a wide range of tasks through variable input dimensions, material heights, 16.8 million colors, and a large print area. With the implementation of the latest technology “can it be done?” is a question of diminishing relevance.

As well as easily being able to print standard #9s, #10s, remits, peel/stick, catalog, coin and more, we can also move easily between feeds sizes as low as 3″ x 4-1/8″ all the way up to as large as 10.5″ x 17″. We can also now easily print bubble packs, padded envelopes, corrugated materials, and other high-height input materials with the adjustable head height. These head height and area adjustments are easily managed on the robust built-in software to ensure that any measurement within range is not only possible to work with, but done so with the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Don’t let your project be boxed in by the dimensions of other printers. With the iJetColor NXT United Mail can handle your project as you see it.


With easily accessible replacement parts and ink cartridges, the iJetColor NXT is also failproof. Not only is this streamlined all-in-one system already eliminating many of the potential points of failure from the outset, but also any errors or issues that do happen to arise can be easily dealt with to massively reduce delay times even when the unforeseen does occur. With a fast and clean maintenance cycle on top of the easily accessible replacement parts and ink cartridges, issues that cause measurable delays are becoming more and more a thing of the past.

Easy maintenance access is crucial. With the iJetColor NXT, a simple hatch at the top of the machine allows full-vision access to all of the main operative parts of the assembly. This means that parts are easier to maintain, problems are easier to diagnose, and repair is easier than ever. So not only does this layout reduce the likeliness of delay-causing errors, but it also inherently reduces the time that would be required to locate, diagnose, and repair the errors. All of this means that the potential for unforeseen delays in your order is reduced, as is the time that would be required to get back on schedule.

One of the most common delays that can occur is running out of ink. Not only does the iJetColor NXT boast a high ink capacity, but the ink cartridges are easily accessed and replaced. With the next generation in digital monitoring of ink levels and such easy access to the ink cartridge bay, this powerful machine all but eliminates any undue delay in recognizing low ink levels and switching out ink cartridges.

The iJet Performance Bundle

The iJetColor NXT is more than just a printer, it is an entire start-to-finish envelope printing solution. Now the process of fulfilling your envelope printing order is more streamlined than ever. With the fully-integrated network PC and top of the line PDF and iJetColor Workflow tools nothing is lost in translation. The all-in-one preview to print system ensures that quality, consistency, and speed, are of the highest order in the class. We now have the ability to bring your ideas into reality.

Do More with an Envelope

It’s no secret that colorful envelopes and full-color images increase several of the most key success metrics of direct mail. Color and images are the primary ways in which most people take in the world around them. One marketing study showed that color was one of the key factors in determining whether or not recipients will open mail, suggesting that adding color and images could increase readership by 70% off the bat, and it’s no surprise. Before anyone reads their mail they first make a subconscious judgment about it before knowing anything of the contents. This judgment can determine whether or not they open the mail in the first place or just toss it, and it can also guide their perceptions of the content of the mail when they do decide to open it. This might sound like a hurdle, but it’s also an opportunity. Designs, images, colors, etc. on the envelope itself can all increase readership, increase positive perception, and increase the response rate of your direct mail project.

The iJetColor NXT is capable of printing edge to edge, images, logos, designs, and anything else you can think of with its color matrix of 16.8 million colors. Recent studies have shown that envelope characteristics are predominant determinative drivers of opening rates. The iJet NXT is capable of fast variable printing, utilizes “ColorBoost” color paper profiles, and is packed with the software required to bring your ideas to life in order to capture readers with your envelope. United Mail can help you make the best first impression.

United Mail: Committed to Innovation

The iJetColor NXT is just one of the recent investments in the latest technology United Mail has made to ensure the best for its clients. The industry is growing and changing and United Mail is willing to grow and adapt right along with it. With access to the most powerful machines, most up-to-date research, and most powerful software, United Mail’s commitment to innovation has never been more apparent. From full-color envelope printing at high speed, to variable data printing, to variable print stitching, all of the latest print marketing advantages are made accessible through United Mail, bringing the latest technologies to your projects and bringing your ideas to life.

The Big Picture

United Mail has made another investment in the latest technology: The iJetColor NXT. This next-generation printing solution has all of the latest specs to bring you consistent quality at top speed. The system is fast, flexible, and failproof. With a high real-world speed, production output on this system can surpass 12 items per second, well exceeding 6,000 per hour. Full color and color image printing has never been faster. The iJetColor NXT also cuts down on processing time through a unified and streamlined approach. The system is also incredibly flexible, ready to print on a variety of input dimensions and head heights. Feed dimensions range from up to 10.5″ x 17″ and as small as 3″ x 4-1/8″. Its also easily adjustable between standard #9s, #10s, remits, peel/stick, catalog, coin, and more, and has an adjustable head height control up to 3/8″ to print bubble packs, padded envelopes, corrugated materials, etc. Mitigating all of the most common causes of delay with clean and easy maintenance cycles, easy access to ink cartridges and operative parts, the system is also failproof.

Through investment in this system and the latest technologies, United Mail is here to help you make the best first impression and to bring your ideas to life. According to the latest research, envelope design plays a big role in opening rate, and can even influence the perception of the rest of the content of your direct mail.

If you’re looking for a company that invests in the latest technologies to ensure speed, quality, and consistency for your projects, look to United Mail. With a commitment to innovation, consistency, and excellence, and continued investments in the latest technologies including the new iJetColor NXT, United Mail is the direct mail solution you’ve been searching for. Contact United Mail to get more details about how we can put tomorrow’s technology to work for you today.

By Kenton Jetton