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If you want your next direct mail marketing campaign to catch the attention of the maximum number of recipients, variable map printing is the most powerful and effective tool for the job. You’ve heard of variable data printing (VDP). variable map printing uses geo-location software in combination with cutting edge graphics to take VDP to the next level. Boost your market impact with variable map printing today.

What is Variable Map Printing?

Variable map printing uses geo-location software to bring recipient-specific full-color maps to your mailer. Without variable map printing, designing and printing recipient-specific maps would be prohibitively expensive if not logistically impossible. Variable map printing allows you to design and distribute one overall mailer around a full-color map that will be automatically generated based on the recipient.

Grab Attention with Geo-Location Software

You need your direct mail to be eye-catching. Full-color images and personalization are some of the most effective strategies for grabbing the attention of your recipients. Personalization is one of the most important trends not just in direct mail (PDF) but in the whole of marketing. Your customers want to feel like you know and understand them and their needs as consumers. Direct mail with personalizations generates a tremendously boosted response rate. None of this would be possible without geo-location software and variable map printing. Variable map printing utilizes this software to bring next-level personalizations to your direct mail without the cost of designing, printing, and distributing individual mailers.

Make it Easy for Your Recipients to Reach You

One of the cornerstones of the constomer experience is ease of access. The easier you make it for your customers to reach you, find you, and access your products or services, the better. Time and effort are now as much of a currency as straightforward cost is to the modern consumer. Variable map printing allows you to take one step out of the process for your potential customers, in order to convert them in greater numbers from potential customers into buyers and potentially lifetime customers. Sure, you could provide your recipients with your business address, but taking it one step further and providing them with a personalized map to your location makes them all the more likely to make the trip. Furthermore, the more quickly you can get your customers envisioning traveling to your location, the more likely they will be to actually follow through. It’s easy for potential customers, even those who are initially impressed with your mailer, to simply forget about visiting your business, even if they planned on it. Showing them how to get to your business, and having them imagine traveling there, can more successfully ingrain the idea and lead to boosted returns.

Part of the Neighborhood

If, on the other hand, your business goes to your customers, rather than the other way around, demonstrating your close proximity and ease of access is still an incredibly effective tool. Not only does it naturally benefit from all of the marketing advantages of personalization, but it also demonstrates that you are part of the neighborhood. Businesses that deliver pizza, perform HVAC services, or provide lawncare services, for example, are all businesses that can benefit from showcasing their close proximity. Nearby businesses are more trusted, can offer faster services, and are part of the community. These businesses benefit greatly from variable map printing to show recipients that their products/services are only minutes away.

Grand Openings and New Businesses

One of the more popular uses for variable map printing is the announcement of a new business or the opening of a new location. Grand openings set the tone for a business and generate the repeat customers that can keep businesses thriving, but, without a dedicated in-the-know customer base, generating the numbers you need for a successful grand opening can be difficult. Variable map printing cuts through those difficulties better than other potential solutions. Remember, variable map printing makes it easier for your recipients to reach you and it demonstrates to them that you are part of the neighborhood.

Grand openings and new businesses can be challenging because new customers are much more difficult and expensive to market to than existing customers. One of the reasons for this is that even if your potential customers decide that they are indeed interested in checking out your grand opening, every bit of effort required to see that interest realized is increasing the odds that these potential customers won’t show up. Time and effort are valuable commodities, so it’s important for business to do some of the leg work for their potential customers if they want to attract their business. Variable map printing makes it much easier for your customers to make an actionable plan to visit your new business.

New Neighbor Packages

“New neighbors” or people who have recently moved into a neighborhood, are people with some of the greatest potential to become customers, and it’s not hard to see why. New movers need products and services with greater urgency than almost any other single demographic. From furniture, to lawncare, to professional home maintenance. Now is your chance to leave a lasting impression and to create a lifetime customer. But it goes a step further. New movers are also less likely to have a fully stocked kitchen, for example, and so a menu from your restaurant is going to be more valuable in their hands than almost anyone else’s, and variable map printing ensures that everyone, even those who are new to the area, can easily find your location.

Venue Location

For a lot of businesses, it’s common to conduct certain activities offsite or not to have a permanent location at all, but it can be confusing for clients and customers to always know where these events are being held and how best to get there. In the past, adequately preparing clients and customers with maps would have been either vague or logistically impossible, but with variable map printing, you can ensure maximum turnout whether or not your recipients are familiar with the location of the venue. Examples of these events include everything from customer appreciation events, business conferences, rotating foodtruck schedules, team-building retreats, product showcasing events, and more.

The Big Picture

variable map printing is a powerful, revolutionary, and effective tool that can change how customers discover and interact with your business. It’s one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your recipients through personalization and eye-catching full-color graphics. Whether you’re opening a new business, marketing to new movers, conducting an offsite event, or just want to let everyone in the area know that you’re just minutes away, variable map printing is the tool for you. Find out more about variable map printing, or give us a call at 866-542-2107 today for a free quote.