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Web to Print software makes it easy for your marketing team to access, update, customize, and quickly order your marketing materials. Digital Storefront from United Mail allows you to view and share marketing materials with the most up to date information from any time or place, making it the perfect unifying solution for remote workers.

What is Web to Print?

Gone are the days when your team needs to bring in physical marketing materials or digital information on a drive to a physical location. Web to Print allows companies to access the power of commercial printing from work, home, or anywhere with an internet connection. The relevance for today’s worker can’t be overstated. Allow your workers any-time access to your company’s marketing materials.

A Timely and Streamlined Process

Web to Print allows you and your team to view, alter, and approve marketing materials without meeting face-to-face with a printer. It also ensures that everyone on your team is looking at the same up-to-date materials. No more waiting for everyone to have the latest versions, instead, everyone has instant access to the latest versions from anywhere at any time. For remote workers, this is a vital tool. It ensures that everyone is literally on the same page at all times.

Digitally accessible content also keeps your workers safely socially distant. No more meeting in person, no more handing off of physical marketing materials or portable drives. Instead, content can be accessed and shared digitally and safely with cloud services.

These options are now even more important than ever as workers move to telecommuting, and as more and more precautions are being taken with regard to face-to-face interaction. Likewise, customers will be able to access your products digitally, further eliminating in-person interaction and the inherent safety concerns these days, as well as eliminating a good amount of extra time that these interactions can eat up. Web to print with Digital Storefront helps you keep your team safe, your materials secure, and allows access to your information and materials easily, readily, and from anywhere.

Information and Material Hosting

With Digital Storefront from United Mail you can now host important shared information and marketing materials on our secure servers allowing you to access them from anywhere. With more and more work being moved remote, it’s important to have your materials when and where you need them. Keep important lists, documents, and digital assets safe and secure while also ensuring they are on hand to be referenced whenever needed and available to be updated and altered by approved users. Digital Storefront makes it easier than ever to host, share, and distribute digital content.

On-Demand Printing

On-demand printing just makes sense. You don’t have as much overhead/waste in comparison to your traditional bulk printing, and materials can be updated regularly to ensure that all of your prints have the most up-to-date information and branding. Web to print makes it easy to order the specific quantity of a given printed material that you need, rather than huge overestimates in quantities, and they can be shipped directly to the specific branch location that needs the materials. On-demand printing with Digital Storefront reduces waste, reduces cost, and makes the whole process easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Now you can log on to Digital Storefront, and make the orders you want in real time. United Mail will print and mail them for you exactly how you’ve specified! Now you have the power to order, print, and mail anything without the hassle and waste of traditional printing. For example, you can send postcard X to all recipients in a given set of zip codes, or send out brochures Y and Z, all within a few clicks and with readily updated materials.

Uniformity of Branding

With no shortage of information sources these days, it’s easy to see how uniformity of branding can help cut through that noise to reach customers with a consistent and effective message. Web to Print makes it easier than ever to ensure uniformity of branding with our brand integrity tools, allowing you to dictate which users have privileges to change what information, and restricting users from changing the overall look and feel/branding of a piece. The intuitive integrated tools within Digital Storefront allow you to change certain aspects of a mailing such as size, color, and input variables and personalizations without impacting the overall design language, branding, and brand integrity.

Integration of Powerful Marketing Tools

Not only does Digital Storefront allow approved users to update, personalize, and adjust marketing materials on the fly, such as Personalized URLs (PURLs) and Variable Data Printing (VDP), as well as Variable Print Imaging.

Monitor and Control the Whole Process

With web to print it’s now easier than ever to closely manage your expenses. Keeping your projects within the budget is easier than ever with the ability to manage costs in real-time. Likewise, web to print makes it easier than ever to track your inventory and keep tabs on your material inventory at all times. You’ll also be able to see a report of what’s being ordered and how your marketing budget is being spent. You also have the power to control how those marketing dollars are being spent, and control usage, conversion, and distribution with real-time reporting.

The Big Picture

The value of web to print and a digital storefront can’t be overstated, especially these days as safety measures are on the rise as fast as the move to remote work. Web to print allows everyone on your team to access the most up to date materials from anywhere in the world. This keeps your team in sync, up to date, and moving smoothly even while operating from multiple individual locations. With COVID-19 and associated safety measures an ever present concern for the modern business, web to print allows you to keep your team and your customers safe.

On-demand printing allows you to quickly print the most up to date materials without the waste associated with traditional bulk printing. Uniformity of branding is another important factor to keep in mind. Brand integrity helps you cut through the noise to reach your customers as effectively as possible and promote brand loyalty and recall. Integrated tools keep overall branding on track and admin restrictions allow you to assign privileges to specific users, and changes can be restricted to certain aspects of a mail piece so as to preserve the overall branding. Digital Storefront also gives you access to powerful tools such as PURLs and VDP.

Web to print also allows you to monitor everything, from costs to inventory, to the allocation of the marketing budget. Digital Storefront also gives you the power to make on the fly adjustments to things like marketing budget allocation.

Contact United Mail today to learn more about how Storefront, United Mail’s web to print service, is a fast and unifying solution for remote workflow.

By: Kenton Jetton