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FAC Marketing uses United Direct Solutions’ Digital Storefront to streamline their production process.

United Direct Solutions is in the business of helping companies meet their marketing goals while simplifying the process through automation. Often, companies will take on the brunt of the production tasks and end up managing those along with other aspects of the business. Funeral Advisory Council (FAC) Marketing is one company that alleviated this challenge through United Mail’s Digital Storefront. 

FAC Marketing is a full-service marketing agency for funeral homes and crematories that provides services throughout the United States. From in-house mail to branding, logos, website content, newsletters and more, FAC Marketing provides a breadth of services for its customers. 

In this client testimonial, we’re going to look into how FAC Marketing implemented United Direct Solutions Digital Storefront to help manage its production tasks. In doing so, the company streamlined its processes, saving time for the team to focus on other key areas of the business. 

The Challenge: Managing the Production of All Tasks In-House 

Previously, FAC Marketing handled all production tasks for its mailings in-house. The company was working with a local printer that would print and deliver its products. It also had to dedicate a team member for the process of managing all mailings. 

On top of this, the company was maintaining an account with a postage meter machine. The time and overhead costs of maintaining these separate tasks were adding up. 

FAC Marketing considered keeping all tasks in-house before finding United Direct Solutions. However, a centralized solution would enable FAC Marketing to condense these tasks into one system — a single source of the truth for all marketing communication content. 

The capabilities of the Digital Storefront are what drew FAC Marketing to United Direct Solutions. 

The Solution: The United Direct Solutions Digital Storefront  

The Digital Storefront is a web-based solution that enables businesses to have a centralized hub for all marketing materials, sales and other branded content. It allows content to be updated, personalized, printed and mailed — at the click of a button. 

This allows businesses like FAC Marketing to focus on other critical business tasks while using marketing automation to manage daily needs. 

Once FAC Marketing moved to the Storefront, it was able to cancel its postage meter contract and didn’t have to manually manage the production anymore. This Storefront productivity gave the team at FAC Marketing more time to focus on other critical tasks and saved them money in the process.

Navigating Marketing Throughout a Pandemic: Adjusting to Digital Transformation 

Little did FAC Marketing know the Storefront would also set them up to be ready for a pandemic. Its team launched Storefront in March of 2020, then COVID-19 hit. 

As it did for many other businesses, the pandemic changed the course of FAC Marketing’s traditional marketing activities. The company used to host in-person seminars, for which it would mail out invitations. With all in-person events on hold, this had to take a different direction. 

FAC Marketing used this as a way to change its marketing approach as the company navigated from in-person events to digital ones. The company then planned on sending out postcard invitations for its first Zoom seminar. 

The Digital Storefront provided the tools needed to help FAC Marketing seamlessly transition to a different business model and set up the company to adapt its marketing efforts successfully. 

Reaping the Benefits of the Digital Storefront 

The Storefront has alleviated the need for FAC Marketing to have a dedicated employee design every single marketing piece. The templates are easily customizable and include variables that can be changed and personalized.

All marketing content is now managed with the United Direct Solutions Storefront. It’s produced and out the door quickly. FAC Marketing doesn’t have to think about it again. The implementation of the Digital Storefront has saved money overall for FAC Marketing and streamlined the production process.

This functionality has allowed the team to shift their focus to what they do best: selling.

Looking Ahead 

The team at FAC Marketing loved the functionality of the Digital Storefront so much that it got them thinking about other ways they can use it. This thought process resulted in starting a second business. FAC Marketing is now working toward starting a second Storefront for this Direct to Consumer business, which will focus on personalized memorial packages.

Since implementing the Digital Storefront, FAC Marketing has also added different types of offerings for its clients. For example, it’s put together pricing for an informational newsletter and postcards. 

One other benefit that FAC Marketing has achieved since implementing the Digital Storefront?  Relief. 

The team at FAC Marketing doesn’t have to worry about the details anymore. Rather, they get to focus on the parts they love — talking to people and building relationships. They can do this while knowing that they have someone they trust to handle the process. 

United Direct Solutions strives to make its clients’ jobs easier and more effective. This was certainly the case for FAC Marketing. Let United Direct Solutions do the same for you. Contact us today to see how we can help.