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If your business needs to execute a major direct mail marketing campaign, it can get complex quickly. In some cases, it could mean working with a data house to extract the information you need from your database, a printer to create a mailer, a letter shop to handle the mailing, and maybe a consolidator to get all the work done.

That’s why you’re often better off working with a partner who can pull everything together for you. At United Mail, we are a one-stop shop to handle all of your marketing and make it easier for you to get the job done without the added stress or need to work with multiple vendors.

We’re more than just a direct marketing company. We offer a range of products and business communication tools across mail services, digital marketing, printing, billing and document management — all designed to help your business succeed.

Working Behind the Scenes

Here’s what it looks like in action — straight from a real client. An insurance company managing a chronic disease management program for five states, 250,000 customers, and 10 different diseases needed help with their marketing. When they turned to United Mail, we managed the project from start to finish.  

We created web API connections right into their database and built the data crosswalks to pull the pertinent information automatically. We matched templates in the storefront and produced customized, compliant print and mail pieces to get their message out.

Instead of worrying about coordinating across suppliers and getting everything done correctly and on time, they focused on running their business while United Mail provided everything they needed for a smooth campaign.

United Mail can do the same for you. Let’s look at a few of our central services.

A Hub for Your Marketing Communications

 Our Digital Storefront can become your marketing communications hub. All of your marketing, sales, promotional and branded materials can live in one place for anyone on the team to access as needed.

Marketing teams can quickly order and customize marketing materials, then go from web to print with the click of a button. Materials can be customized by using customer data to tailor different marketing messaging and content to every household you’re targeting.

With the Digital Storefront, you also have one central place to manage your usage, spending and distribution automatically.

The Digital Storefront cloud-based business communication software saves you time and money, but it’s just one business communications tool we offer our customers. Here are some of the other ways you can maximize your results with United Mail.

Digital Marketing 

United Mail offers a full range of digital marketing services. By integrating customer data with email, text, website and traditional mailing campaigns, we can help you generate more leads, traffic and conversions.

Besides highly targeted email marketing campaigns, we also offer:

  • IP Marketing: We can also target specific clients and prospects with IP targeting to show banner ads to individual homes. Combing IP marketing and direct mail can increase response rates by 30-60% when you time ads to show at the same time mailers are received.
  • Augmented Reality: Get your customer’s attention with the latest technology. United Mail can now integrate augmented reality into campaigns. This lets your customers use their smartphones to interact with your products virtually — just as they would in the real world.
  • Personalized URLs: Create personalized URLs (PURLs) for every digital and direct mail offer. Our research shows that using PURLs nearly doubles response rates for your direct mail campaigns.

Billing & Document Management

United Mail offers electronic billing services that are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. You can securely create and manage invoices, pay stubs, W-2 and 1099 forms, and customer statements online.

If you prefer to process invoices and statements as hard copies, we can handle that, too. United Mail can individually process and distribute statements and invoices with added verification and security.

We also provide electronic document management services through a secure central database that can be used to store, search and retrieve all client documents. eDocs is a secure online portal that brings together all your customer documents in one place. It can act as a self-service portal allowing customers to access documents. While meeting compliance and regulatory requirements about data privacy, employees will also be able to view, securely email, fax or print documents quickly.


Besides the Digital Storefront, United Mail brings a variety of printing services to enhance your marketing and operations, including:

  • Digital Printing: Whether you use our Digital Storefront web-to-print functionality or not, United Mail can handle your print projects no matter the size. We can organize and print the largest jobs efficiently or handle small runs.
  • Variable Data Printing: Variable data printing lets you personalize every piece you print. Use customer-specific data and relevant images, names and locations.
  • Variable Print Stitching: Brochures and booklets can also utilize the power of variable data printing with stitched materials. Each can be customized for content and make use of customer data.
  • Variable Mapping Printing: Geo-location software allows you to add full-color maps to mail pieces based on directions from a recipient’s mailing address.
  • Check Printing: Need to send checks, reward checks or coupons to your customers, employees or prospects?  We can do that. We use MICR ink and digital variable print technology to customize checks with all of your banking info.

Mail Services

Yes, we still do direct mail marketing. We handle everything from strategy to design, customization, printing and mailing of direct mail campaigns.

United Mail can help you create an effective mailing list by modeling your target customers with customer behavior profiles. We can target geographically or by demographics. We can also sort by those most likely to respond or purchase. Because of our scale, we can target narrowly but distribute using commingling projects. This can save you 10-20% on your postage.

We also feature an intelligent bar code tracking system that can help confirm mail timings to improve the accuracy (and ROI) of your campaigns.

United Mail Continues to Innovate

At United Mail, we constantly evolve to serve the needs of our customers. We provide secure, compliant and strategic marketing communications services that get results. Let us be a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Contact United Mail today at 866-542-2107 or reach out online to learn more.