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Two-thirds of Americans trust political direct mail marketing over other political advertising.

It’s that time of year already – political direct mail campaign season. State primary elections across the country begin as early as March 1 (Texas) and continue through September when New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Massachusetts open polling place doors. The busiest months for primary elections are June and August. On the ballots are legislative, congressional, gubernatorial, and statewide office challenges.

While general elections take place on November 8, 2022 in 46 states, many consider the primary season to be “the big show” in political circles. The most critical period leading up to primary elections ultimately determines the candidates who land on the final ballot come November. For all of us at United Mail, the political season is our time to help candidates shine and most importantly, persuade constituents to cast their votes.

Before you embark on a marketing strategy for a political mail campaign, you’ll want to choose a proven direct marketing partner that knows precisely how to position your message for the greatest impact. You know your target voter…and United Mail knows how to reach them exactly where they are today.

Why should a political campaign use a direct mail marketer?

There are so many advantages to using a direct mail marketing company like United Mail. For one, a proven direct marketing partner can expedite your mailer into the postal stream ASAP. While we are independent of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), we work closely and directly with their representatives to be sure all political mail moves to the front of the USPS processing line, so to speak.

Additionally, using a direct mail marketing partner will save you money in postage expenses, due to bulk discounts we can arrange through USPS. Sometimes, depending upon the mail piece(s) and quantities, your campaign may experience significant savings per piece (when compared to going directly through the U.S. postal service).

I’m concerned about making sure my address list is correct – how do I check this?

The quality of your mailing list is the critical first step to executing a successful direct mail effort for a political campaign. If your name and address list are outdated, it won’t matter how impactful your actual mailer is. United Mail prioritizes the importance of “list hygiene” with all our clients’ direct mail projects – whether politically-focused or not. List hygiene is industry terminology referencing anything related to a wide range of screening criteria including National Change of Address (NCOA), address, household and individual deduplication, DMA mail suppression, deceased suppression, and many other factors.

When you work with United Mail, you have a whole team of professionals behind your political direct mail campaign. A clean recipient list is just a part of a successful bulk mailing effort – and your success is always our success.

Your campaign’s political mailers need to be distributed on-time, every time. United Mail has a plan for making that happen!

We take a series of steps to be certain your job is expedited through the U.S. Postal Service as quickly and efficiently as possible. More specifically, when United Mail handles a political direct mail job dated for a specific delivery day, we ensure it receives heightened prioritization with USPS. In industry lingo, we call this “red tagging”. This means we attach a physical tag (red in color), referred to as a “PS Tag 57”, on all mail cartons containing your campaign’s political mail pieces. At United Mail, we take this a step further and place a larger red placard on each container and label it, “Political Mail”.

When you choose a proven direct mail marketing partner like United Mail, we always do whatever it takes to be sure your political campaign mailers arrive in recipients’ mailboxes on the day you deem necessary. Furthermore, United Mail is a certified Seamless Acceptance direct mail marketer. This means each piece of mail in your campaign can be tracked from the mailing facility all the way to the addressee’s mailbox. The United Mail team has created a customized, online dashboard for all of our clients to use for keeping track of exact delivery timing for every mailing effort in a campaign. This feature is incredibly helpful for determining when to pursue follow-up calls and additional marketing efforts.

If you are a political candidate or campaign manager, let’s get started on creating an impactful series of mailers that share your platform and get results! Need help from start to finish? No problem – United Mail can help you with everything from creative design to sending those pieces right out the door!