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Digital StoreFront empowers associates to customize, order, and distribute pre-approved marketing and education collateral right from their desktops 

When a large national dental care provider wanted to enhance their B2C patient marketing and outreach efforts, they knew it was time to create a better system than they already had. Most notably, this dental care group’s primary mission is reaching underserved populations in rural areas more likely to suffer from a lack of proper dental care. It became imperative for the dental care group to increase organization, accuracy, and efficiency around all their marketing and outreach efforts. That’s where  United Direct Solutions Digital StoreFront tool became critical to this revamped internal process.   

Want a preview of what Digital StoreFront can do for your organization? Check out United Direct Solutions video on YouTube. 

This dental care organization includes approximately 60 offices located throughout the country. It became critical for the group to improve how they connected with their target consumer (patient) in-office, via educational mailings, and through acquisition and direct mail outreach efforts. Even more than with other consumer groups, marketing efforts needed to be highly specific and localized for the target audiences in their service areas. 

And with patient privacy and security in mind, this client’s data-sensitive projects are safe and secure on United Direct Solutions network. We proudly hold HITRUST CSF Certification, SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, and maintain a HIPAA compliant network.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17 percent of children (aged 2 to 5) from low-income households have untreated cavities in their primary teeth, three times the percentage of children from higher-income households. By ages 12 to 19, 23 percent of children from low-income families have untreated cavities in their permanent teeth, twice that of children from higher-income households. 

Digital StoreFront gave this dental group precisely what they needed to meet state-variable Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) communication guidelines and regulations. The easily accessible, user-friendly tool lets users carefully target specific demographics in key ZIP codes. 

As dental problems in children and adults are often precursors to more troubling and dangerous health concerns, company leadership understood the importance of effective outreach and education. This needed to happen through personalized direct mail marketing efforts and readily-accessible, in-clinic collateral pamphlets and brochures customized to each geographical location. When this national dental provider chose to implement United Direct Solutions Digital Storefront tool into the foundation of their marketing efforts, their consumer outreach began to make a positive impact. 

In-Clinic Printed Patient Information

This dental group chose United Direct Solutions and Digital Storefront partly because of the tool’s ability to customize and house marketing collateral on-site via desktop readily. That means each facility can manage pre-approved materials customized to each site’s local population and demographics. When material quantities become low in any office location, more may be ordered, managed, printed, and shipped through United Direct Solutions at the click of a button. This simplicity, efficiency, and local customization is all made possible through the Digital StoreFront tool available to all United Direct Solutions clients. 

Patient Acquisition and Retention Materials

Digital StoreFront also makes easy work of preparing, choosing, and distributing direct mail pieces designed to attract, inform, and retain new patients to individual locations. Every customizable detail can be handled through Digital StoreFront and expedited through United Direct Solutions for printing and shipment to designated address groups as determined by each location.   

Education and Outreach Communication

This national dental group prioritizes education and outreach efforts in supporting preventative dental care and health habits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 34 million school hours are lost yearly because of emergency dental care. Additionally, approximately $45 billion is lost in productivity annually in the United States because of untreated oral disease. This national dental group wants to impact public health positively and calls on Digital StoreFront to remain current in its educational outreach efforts. 

United Direct Solutions is Your Direct Mail Solutions Provider

United Direct Solutions serves clients nationwide with start-to-finish direct mail services, including creative development, asset management, printing, and distribution. Our client roster spans industries, including political campaigns, healthcare, insurance, financial services, and government institutions. No matter their message or marketing plan, each has access to a full range of collateral management options through United Direct Solutions Digital Storefront tool.  How can we help your team centralize and streamline your company’s direct mail marketing assets? Our project management experts will get you organized and up and running quickly. Reach out and let us know how we can help your team!