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Don’t undervalue the power of direct mail


As business professionals, we’re all swimming in an enormous array of marketing and advertising options and opportunities. Many are more traditional and tangible – like direct mail pieces, print ads, or outdoor displays. On the flip side, today’s digital age offers a wide range of smart choices too. Strategies combining the two approaches often deliver the best results.

While a wealth of choices is a great thing, it can seem overwhelming when everything is presented to you. This could be particularly true if you’re not a marketing specialist or your role involves wearing many hats.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or an office manager moonlighting as your employer’s marketing coordinator, smart consumer marketing strategies cut through the noise in effectively reaching your target consumer. First things first – find a proven partner in the direct mail marketing space that will take your direct mail efforts to the next level. After all, any successful marketing effort is all about results!

And don’t discount the ongoing power of direct mail marketing in today’s marketplace!

According to an article published by Adweek in 2021, Chief Marketing Officers continue to strongly believe in the effectiveness of direct mail. This is for many reasons, including moving customer prospects through the sales funnel, converting high quality customers, and reinforcing loyalty among their existing customer base.

And even in an immediate-response-obsessed digital world, nothing takes the place of handwritten mail. And yes, you can make your mark this way in direct mail! Customized, handwritten direct mail efforts typically deliver a 99 percent response rate with consumers. Can’t beat that. United Mail is ready to help you strategize your next direct mail effort – no matter how large or small.


What industries benefit most from using direct mail?

When it comes to reaching consumers directly, direct mail marketing certainly should be included in any strategy discussion. It’s true that not every industry may find notable benefit from a direct mail effort. This is particularly true for some niche markets, especially where business-to-business transactions are the case. Yet nearly any non-profit organization, small business, healthcare practice, large enterprise, political group, or other association can reap the potential rewards of direct mail. And making it even more universal, it’s useful in both customer acquisition and customer retention marketing efforts.

Just a few concrete examples of industries regularly benefitting from direct mail efforts:


Healthcare Practices

A well-designed postcard mailed to a strategic set of ZIP codes is the perfect way to announce a new medical practice coming to town. Or, is your medical practice moving to a new location? United Mail can help your team compose a letter that will get results – and make sure everyone on your list receives the notice in a timely fashion.

Political Campaigns

Direct mail for political campaigns is highly customizable. Different waves of postcard designs could reach voters who identify as a particular political party, while another is directed to previous financial supporters. And never underestimate the power of a customized letter. Each year, United Mail assists political campaigns and candidates representing voting districts across the country.

Charitable Organizations

The charitable space is chock full of worthy organizations seeking support from a potential donor base. United Mail can help you curate a highly-targeted list designed to make an impact. Need help designed your mail piece? United Mail can do that too – even for organizations with modest budgets.


Direct Mail Works!


Think direct mail doesn’t apply to your business or industry? Well, think again!

If you’ve ever been on the fence when it comes to using direct mail for your business or organization, there’s no better time than now. Put your message in front of current and potential customers with a call-to-action that makes a real impact! No matter how large or small the company or organization, direct mail is for you. (And we haven’t even met you yet. We’re just that confident.)

When you’re ready to get down to business, reach out to the United Mail team. We’re ready to listen to your goals and help create a direct mail strategy that WORKS!