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Stop the compliance madness – Get any time access to compliant marketing collateral and legal assets with this secure, centralized repository.

The business world– particularly marketing and communications – has evolved and changed significantly within just the last few years. While things never remain the same in any realm, a whole new universe of professional culture has been born out of the circumstances of the pandemic. Essentially, there’s no more walking down the hall to regroup with colleagues on the latest direct mail campaign your team is planning. 

We’re in the middle of a refreshed approach to doing business and collaborating – and United Direct Solutions is here for it! Powered by Accenture, United Direct Solutions Digital StoreFront helps make it happen. 

Want a preview of what Digital StoreFront can do for your organization? Check out United Direct Solutions video on YouTube.

Your company’s marketing, sales, and legal teams require up-to-the-minute, reliable access to all your organization’s collateral and other vital communications assets. Digital StoreFront delivers a user-friendly, easily accessible central repository for marketing and communication. And with cyber security top of mind, your data-sensitive projects are safe and secure on United Direct Solutions network. We proudly hold HITRUST CSF Certification, and SOC 2 Type 2 Certification and maintain a HIPAA-compliant network. 

United Direct Solutions serves a client that is a Fortune 500 health insurance provider. This company includes 13 franchises in as many states. The sheer number of forms and communications assets used and accessed by this company reached the thousands across the enterprise! This includes multiple versions of the same documents, due to each state’s unique language, compliance, and translation requirements. 

When it became essential for this large enterprise to streamline and organize their communications assets, United Direct Solutions stepped in to create their own Digital StoreFront platform. The Result? An overwhelmed amount of communications materials and assets contained within Five Templates across the organization. FIVE. Not thousands. If industry compliance regulations change, or other edits need to happen, it’s all in Digital StoreFront and readily available to authorized team members. 

As a Direct Mail Solutions Provider, United Direct Solutions proudly serves a wide range of clients representing a variety of political, corporate, insurance, healthcare, financial services entities, and much more. No matter the mission or unique communication strategy or goal, Digital StoreFront plays a role in keeping all the moving parts organized, compliant, and up-to-date. 

No matter your business or industry, it’s likely essential team members are located in any number of “workplace” locations. Combine that with an ever-evolving cycle of marketing messages for your target audiences, having a central repository to securely house these assets is a must. Any professional with a packed, fast-paced schedule and multiple collaborators will use Digital StoreFront and immediately understand its worth in streamlining tasks and team efforts.

One of our clients, Danielle B., represents an organization in the heavily compliance-focused healthcare sector. “My only regret is I wish we would’ve started with United Direct Solutions StoreFront instead of the other system we were using. Your team had me up and running within a month and continue to respond quickly to my inquiries. Recently, I had five individual mailings to process and I was amazed that it took me less than one hour to get them all in the system and get proofs. Any other process would have taken me most of the day to get to the proofing stage!” 

And beyond the importance of sharing the right messages at the right time with your target markets – it’s equally important that all employees and internal stakeholders have ready access to collateral items promoting these messages. And Digital StoreFront makes it easy to manage direct mail budgets, legal compliance forms, make adjustments related to regulatory changes, and manage the creative process for multiple direct mail campaigns. 

Empowering your organization’s associates with the ability to access creative files and make authorized changes supports positive ownership of your company’s communications across the board. You need an omni-channel solution for streamlining creative development, review, approval, and budget oversight elements of your direct mail marketing projects.  

How can we help your team centralize and streamline your direct and digital mail marketing assets? Need a more efficient distribution process? We’ll get you organized and up-and-running in no time! Reach out to us and let us know how United Direct Solutions can help your team.