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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made some important strides recently, one of which will have a direct impact on healthcare marketing. 

For one, CMS has made efforts to expand healthcare services for underserved individuals and communities, such as people experiencing homelessness. 

As for the marketing regulations, the biggest thing to know is that CMS has put rules in place that will restrict third-party marketers’ sharing of beneficiary contact information with independent agents and brokers. 

This is mainly done to ensure that patients do not receive any misleading advertisements that may confuse them about possible options for health care. 

As a result of the marketing restrictions, it is going to be more important than ever to effectively advertise to potential and existing beneficiaries. Read on below for three key strategies for doing so. 

Invest In Omni-channel Direct Mail Marketing

The conversion of many companies to digital mail has actually made it quite beneficial to use direct mail within your omni-channel marketing strategy. When mailboxes are largely empty, consumers are more likely to notice what physical mail they do receive. 

In the medical field, this can certainly be an advantage, because patients who are awaiting important information from healthcare providers do not like the possibility of overlooking it in their email inbox.

Omni-channel is a customer-centric approach in which all channels are integrated so the customer has a unified and consistent experience

No “Either/Or”: Combine Direct Mail with Digital Messaging

As mentioned above, direct mail is effective in getting people’s attention. 

This is especially true when a direct mail message is combined with a digital message, which has been shown to have a bigger impact on whether people remember a message or not. 

Someone may receive through direct mail instructions for accessing online information. Conversely, a digital message may offer the person a heads-up that something from the healthcare provider will be coming in the physical mail soon. 

All of this can combine to a more engaged member base, which will recognize that their providers are clear and effective communicators that are dedicated to passing along the information that members most need. 

Personalize Direct Mail for a Greater Impact on Individual Beneficiaries

One of the biggest reasons that people throw out physical mail is the “generic” problem—the piece of mail seems like something that was meant to reach as many people as possible, yet fails to capture the attention of anyone in particular. 

The antidote to the genericness is personalization.

Personalization of direct mail can be perhaps the biggest key to ensuring that your message jumps out at the beneficiary. 

When the marketing materials offer a customized breakdown of the services that are most important to certain beneficiaries, that makes them that much more likely to follow up with you. Even something as simple as including someone’s first name on direct mail can be a simple strategy to gain interest and engagement. 

Though marketers are limited in sharing contact information with independent brokers, marketing organizations can still leverage beneficiaries’ and leads’ information to create personalized messages. 

HITRUST Direct Mail Solutions with United Direct Solutions

The future of communication is more than mail alone. We know this and have invested in our digital communication platforms so we can meet and exceed your need to execute multi-dimensional and multi-channel campaigns.

Our Sync Marketing solution is designed as an Omnichannel Marketing approach.

Turn a single mail piece impression into multiple impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms.

If you want to adapt to the recent Medicare marketing regulations by investing in data-driven direct mail solutions that will connect you with existing and potential members, then contact United Direct Solutions today.