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United Direct Solutions Provides Five Winning Tips to Connect with Customers 

The financial services marketing landscape is undergoing a transformation driven by changing demographics. One of the most notable shifts is the rise of multi-generational households, where two or more adult generations live under one roof. According to Pew Research, these households have quadrupled in the U.S. since the 1970s, a trend attributed to economic factors, cultural preferences, and longer lifespans.  

While multi-generational living arrangements offer emotional and financial support, they also present unique challenges for financial planning. A key aspect of successful marketing to multi-generational households is understanding the distinct needs and preferences of each generation.  For example, a recent report by Rego Payment Architectures and Q2 Holdings highlights the rising spending power of Gen Z and Alpha. This younger demographic requires financial literacy tools and educational resources to navigate early investment options and savings accounts and manage student loan debt. 

In contrast, security and healthcare are top concerns for older generations. Navigating the rising costs of Medicare and ensuring their wealth preservation and growth are top priorities. Baby  Boomers, in particular, are interested in strategies to secure a comfortable retirement, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. 

Zur Yahalom, SVP and Head of Financial Services North America at Amdocs, predicts in a FinTech  Magazine interview that the demand for improved family banking experiences is expected to rise sharply in 2024. Now is the time for financial institutions, from banks and credit unions to financial planning services, to create and customize products and services that address multigenerational households to gain a competitive edge. 

As a trusted financial services marketing expert, United Direct Solutions offers tailored insights and strategies to connect with customers in this new era of family banking. 

Five Winning Strategies to Connect with Multi-Generational Customers: 

  1. Omni-channel Marketing:

    Utilize a diverse mix of communication channels, including direct mail and digital marketing on websites and social media platforms. By using data-driven insights and IP targeting, this omni-channel marketing approach ensures connection with each generation on their preferred platforms.

  2. Content for All Ages:

    Develop engaging content marketing that resonates with each generation’s financial concerns through infographics, videos, augmented reality experiences, and other educational resources. This may include savings tips for Gen Z and Alpha, retirement planning options for Baby Boomers, and resources on managing caregiving costs for Millennials.

  3. Interactive Workshops:

    Host interactive workshops and seminars focused on multi-generational financial planning. Provide personalized handouts using variable data printing, tailored to each generation and their financial goals, promoting open communication within families. Additionally, prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring a positive experience across all touchpoints.

  4. Technology Integration:

    Leverage technology to simplify financial management for families. Offer user-friendly digital experiences through online budgeting tools and joint account management options. Partner with a financial services marketing company such as UDS to gain a competitive advantage.

  5. Building Loyalty:

    Offer customized incentives that reward customers for their banking activity, fostering long-term relationships within targeted markets for current (and future) family members.

United Direct Solutions (UDS) simplifies multi-generational marketing for financial institutions.  Through data-driven targeting, UDS crafts personalized messages that resonate with each generation, whether reaching Baby Boomers through direct mail or engaging Gen Z on social media.  This approach ensures that messages reach the right audience on the right platform, maximizing engagement and impact. UDS’s dedicated account managers provide strategic support throughout the process, equipping clients with the tools and knowledgeable insights needed to build trusted connections with multi-generational families. 

For more information on how United Direct Solutions can help connect financial industry businesses with their customers, visit