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A United Direct Solutions Video Series with Industry Leaders Hosted by CEO Tom Clines

Episode 1: Theresa Reno-Weber of GoodMaps Shares Insights on Innovating with Purpose

We are excited to announce Direct Discussions, a new monthly video series by United Direct Solutions, where we engage with leaders across various industries, both local and global, for their insights on leadership, innovation and building successful businesses and brands.

The series is hosted by our own CEO Tom Clines, a dedicated leader at United Direct Solutions since joining the company in 1992. With more than three decades of experience in direct mail and marketing, Tom is committed to ensuring that United Direct Solutions adapts and grows alongside the changing communications industry. This includes continuous learning and forging new relationships along the way, which will be reflected in Direct Discussions. 

Interview with Theresa Reno-Weber

For our first Direct Discussions episode, Tom had the privilege of speaking with Theresa Reno-Weber, who was recently named CEO at GoodMaps, after serving as COO and President of North America.

GoodMaps: Innovative Indoor Navigation Software

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, GoodMaps is pioneering work in indoor navigation software. GoodMaps was born out of an initiative from the American Printing House for the Blind and has grown to address the needs of the low vision, neurodiverse, mobility impaired or directionally challenged, offering innovative solutions that enhance independence and accessibility through cutting edge technology.

Leadership Insights from Theresa Reno-Weber

With extensive experience in traditional and established institutions, Theresa has utilized her background to develop a unique approach to leadership and company culture at GoodMaps. During her conversation with Tom, Theresa shared universally applicable insights that certainly resonate here at United Direct Solutions:

  • Be a Global Citizen: Theresa’s travel experience highlights how a wider perspective can inform business strategies and decision-making; diverse perspectives enrich the company.
  • Lead by Example: “Walk the talk!” People trust leaders who are authentic and demonstrate values through their actions. 
  • Build Trust: Theresa’s time in the Coast Guard taught her the importance of trust – and that it’s okay not to know everything. By embracing new experiences and challenges, team members can learn from each other’s expertise.
  • Innovate with Purpose: For-profit organizations can also seek to make a meaningful difference through their work. 
  • Create Positive Impact: Theresa encourages being a light for others, translating positivity into the workplace, community and beyond.

Theresa adds, “We’re impacting the world and making it a better space for more people.”

United Direct Solutions Commitment to Service and Community

At United Direct Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients and contributing positively to the world around us. Beginning with our team, we host annual employee appreciation events and encourage recognition through our “Above and Beyond” nominations for exceptional contributions. Our mentorship program transfers skills from veteran employees with 35+ years of service to newer team members, demonstrating our appreciation for their expertise. We also support our local community with quarterly volunteer days.

Theresa’s approach to leadership and innovation aligns closely with our company values, and we hope her story inspires you as much as it did us. Watch the full interview with Theresa Reno-Weber here and stay tuned for more inspiring conversations in our monthly Direct Discussions series!