Direct Mail, List Management, and QR Code Case Study

A case study on how United Direct Solutions helped a non-profit save money and drive traffic to their website with list management. This service may be a great option for your next direct mail campaign.

The Company

Our client is a non-profit healthcare system service centers located in many rural counties. The system is rapidly growing and has at least 31 patient service centers including the main hospital, two medical plazas, 4 Urgent Care Centers, 8 Diagnostic Imaging Centers, 8 Family Care Centers, and a variety of outpatient surgery, rehabilitation and specialists. The client is the only major healthcare system within these counties and is a major medical system within the triangle of Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green. In 2012, over 280,000 patients were treated at their hospitals and medical centers including 58,000 in the emergency room.

Their key services include Cardiovascular, Cancer, Women and Children’s health, Imaging, Emergency, Surgery, and BirthPlace.

The Project

This project focused on Family Care Centers that are located in several Kentucky cities. The client only has one major hospital site and two medical plazas, so it is important to have other facilities within the network take on more of the workload for basic services. These centers offer a more convenient way to provide general medical services such as physical exams, screenings, allergy or flu injections, prescriptions, etc. There are a number of physicians that are associated with these facilities but most of the services are provided by accredited nurse practitioners. Many people in these communities were not familiar with all of the services that these convenient centers could provide.

The Solution

United Direct Solutions created a mail piece for two Family Care Centers (one newly opened) that targeted households within 2 miles. Our recommended list provided them with the highest possible penetration with the least investment from a postage standpoint. The mailing consisted of printing a full color magnet mailer card that was tailored to each location.  Additionally, there was a trackable QR code embedded within the mailing that led to the Family Care Center’s website.

The Result

United Direct Solutions sent out 9,500 mailers to one location and 7,500 to the other location.

United Direct Solutions was able to put the address file in delivery sequence order which reduced the postage cost significantly, so we were able to send out the mail with saturation postage rates for $0.072 per piece.

The mailer increased their awareness in the community and developed new patients, many of whom are families with multiple members, which increased their appointment numbers significantly. The client reported a 55% increase in appointments after the mailing, and a 108% increase in website hits compared to the previous month.

In addition, over 80 people clicked on the QR Code in the first two days which demonstrated an interest in an online response to a direct mail piece.

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