Electronic Document Management

A great case study on a national medical supplier who used electronic document management to help them track the behavior of their customers.

The Company

This national medical supplies company is a distributor for a variety of medical, dental and veterinary products, as well as cutting blades and scissors for consumer and industrial applications. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for top quality, unique products at excellent prices, and outstanding customer service.

The Project

This company sends out quarterly mailings offering special discounts. When customers were calling them, their operators were having a difficult time determining the particular mail campaign and the related offer and price for the matching product. This was taking up valuable time on the phone and increasing the wait time for customers to place their own order.

The Solution

To better understand the problem United Direct Solutions went to their office and reviewed their telephone order entry procedure. After consultation with the marketing personnel to determine what information they wanted to capture we were able to understand their requirements.

We decided that the solution was to insert a promotional code on their mailings. When operators entered in the order during the call, the customer would provide the promotional code, easily matching up the letter with the offer. The promotional codes were changed quarterly if the offer and price were revised.

electronic document management United Direct Solutions
The Results

The end result was that the operator had free time to cross sell or upsell to other related products. Normally, they would spend so much time on the phone with the customer trying to figure out the promotional item that they never had the opportunity to discuss related products. After United Direct Solutions consulted with them, they were able to easily match the customer with the promotional item.

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