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Political Campaigns

Political Campaigns

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Don't Just Get Your Message to Voters, Make the Message Matter.

Before you embark on a marketing strategy for a political campaign, you’ll want to choose a proven direct marketing partner that knows precisely how to position your message for the greatest impact. You know your target voter and United Direct Solutions knows how to reach them exactly where they are today.

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Don't Just Get Your Message to Voters, Make Your Message Matter.

Why should a political campaign use a direct mail marketer?

There are so many advantages to using a direct mail marketing company like United Direct Solutions. We provide a one-stop solution for every aspect of your political direct mail piece. This can include every step in the process from creative design assistance to taking steps to make your mailers more visible as they move through the postal system. United Direct Solutions’ services also include printing, processing, presorting and everything in between before it leaves our facility. We’re not happy until your direct mail campaign is completed on-time and to your unique specifications.

Additionally, using a direct mail marketing partner will save you money in postage expenses, due to bulk discounts we can arrange through USPS. Sometimes, depending upon the mail piece(s) and quantities, your campaign may experience significant savings per piece (when compared to going directly through the U.S. postal service). 

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Your campaign’s political mailers need to be distributed on-time, every time. United Direct Solutions has a plan for making that happen!

While United Direct Solutions is independent of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), we work closely and directly with their representatives to be sure all political mail moves to the front of the USPS processing line, so to speak. We know throughout the political season, specific timing for delivery of direct mail pieces is critical.

We take a series of steps to be certain your job is expedited through the U.S. Postal Service as quickly and efficiently as possible. More specifically, when United Direct Solutions handles a political direct mail job dated for a specific delivery day, we ensure it receives heightened prioritization with USPS. In industry lingo, we call this “red tagging”. This means we attach a physical tag (red in color), referred to as a “PS Tag 57”, on all mail cartons containing your campaign’s political mail pieces. At United Direct Solutions, we take this a step further and place a larger red placard on each container and label it, “Political Mail”. When you choose a proven direct mail marketing partner like United Direct Solutions, we always do whatever it takes to be sure your political campaign mailers arrive in recipients’ mailboxes on the day you deem necessary.

Furthermore, United Direct Solutions is a certified Seamless Acceptance direct mail marketer. This means each piece of mail in your campaign can be tracked from the mailing facility all the way to the addressee’s mailbox. 

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