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Please use these talking points when discussing the rebrand and new name with friends, family, clients, and community members.

Please enjoy the launch video. We want you to feel comfortable and excited about the new brand. This is about you and what we are building together.

If you have additional questions, please talk with your supervisor or contact Dayna Neumann, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer 502-548-6490 or

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What does this mean for our account/business relationship?

Our clients can expect the same level of personal service, solutions and expertise that they have come to expect from United Mail, just under our new name. There are no immediate plans to change anything from a client experience perspective.

Why the rebrand?

Since the founding of United Mail over 40 years ago, our industry has grown tremendously, and we have grown with it. In fact, many of our existing clients aren’t even aware of all that we offer, and United Direct Solutions is our way of better demonstrating who we are and what we do, which goes well beyond mail.

Is there any restructuring of staff or leadership happening?

No. This is purely a rebrand to better represent the company and its capabilities, and there are no structural or leadership changes occurring.

Why United Direct Solutions as a name?

We worked with our executive team, key employees and outside experts in branding, marketing and design to develop a name that better showcases all of our capabilities and strengths.

Is there anything else we should know about the rebrand?

We’re extremely proud of the work that has gone into this process, and we are positive that you will continue to see innovation, leadership and growth from United Direct Solutions as we strive to provide industry-leading service. This rebranding demonstrates our commitment to reinforcing our reputation and building on our legacy of excellence.