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A One-Stop Solution for All of Your Digital Shopper Needs

Sync is designed as an Omnichannel Marketing approach. Turn a single mail piece impression into multiple impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms.

The future of communication is more than mail alone. We know this, and have invested in our digital communication platforms so we can meet and exceed your need to execute multi-dimensional and multi-channel campaigns.

Welcome to Sync Marketing. 

Sync Marketing is designed to make your mailing campaigns, the ones you are already doing with United Direct Solutions, work harder for you without you having to work any harder.  

We start with your existing mailing list and add digital communication channel services in one easy platform, giving you a 20-40% increase in responses than using mail alone.

Get more from your mail, ask us how!

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The future of Direct Mail

Why choose SYNC Marketing?

United Direct Solutions has helped hundreds of companies successfully deliver their marketing message to customers for over 40 years. Our large team consists of some of the most experienced business leaders, sales executives and managers in the industry. We address over 2 million mail pieces a day, so you can count on us to have the workflow and horsepower to send your job out on time, every single time.

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social lead match

Social Match

Re-engage website visitors who left without taking an action by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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informed delivery mail company

Informed Delivery

Consumers signed up with Informed Delivery will receive an email preview of the mail arriving that day. With an interactive campaign, mail recipients will see a full-color ride-along ad and be able to respond with a single click!

  • More than 41 million people are signed up with Informed Delivery
  • Informed Delivery now reaching ~20% of the US direct mail population
  • Sign-ups are increasing by over 1.3 million people per month
  • Over 65% of people open their Informed Delivery alerts daily.
  • Informed Delivery average click through rates range from 4-11%
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list profiling united direct solutions

Call & Text Tracking

A dedicated local or toll free number for the direct mail campaign to track calls received. Full demographics including name, address, gender/age range (where applicable) and a copy of the recorded call.

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ip marketing United Direct Solutions

Lead Match

Know WHO visited the website from the direct mail campaign and what actions they took. Get the postal addresses of unique visitors who were not on the mailing list and retarget them via direct mail

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How can direct mail benefit your business?

Despite our increasingly digital world, direct mail still reigns supreme for business marketing — and it’s here to stay. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails. With an average response rate of 9%, direct mail surpasses that of other marketing channels and is therefore the most effective at helping businesses increase their customers, boost sales and build both brand awareness and trust.

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United Direct Solutions brings value to our clients through innovation, consistency, and excellence.

We continuously upgrade and expand our suite of services to bring state-of-the-art communications to our clients and their customers. Since the very first piece of mail was sent, United Direct Solutions has dedicated our company to bringing value to our clients through innovation, consistency and excellence.

As technology has advanced, so has our suite of services, from traditional mailings to advanced digital services, we are committed to bringing state-of-the-art communications to our clients and their customers across the United States.

We are a HITRUST CSFSOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 9001:2015 certified direct mail, and printing company. We meet compliance requirements for our clients by handle their sensitive data and materials.

Top Printer in North America

Printing Impressions’ recently ranked us as on of the top 200 printers in North America. Read blog post

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